Credit Earning Opportunities Beyond the Traditional IUP Classroom

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    IUP Graduate Credit Courses for IUP Undergraduate Students

    IUP undergraduate students with an academic grade point average of at least 2.6 who are within 32 semester hours of graduation are permitted, after receiving appropriate approvals, to take up to six semester hours of graduate work whether or not they have applied for acceptance into an IUP graduate program.

    • Graduate hours (credits) so earned have no necessary bearing upon the meeting of undergraduate degree requirements.
    • No assurance is given or implied as to their later applicability toward graduate degrees should the students be admitted to IUP graduate programs.
    • Should these credits later be approved toward an IUP graduate degree program, they will be treated as transfer credits.
    • Important note: Graduate credits taken by an undergraduate student may not be reviewed for transfer if they were counted toward the undergraduate degree.

    To pursue discussion about this possible academic venture, please contact the IUP School of Graduate Studies and Research: 101 Stright Hall, 724-357-2222.