Experience IUP: Fine Arts

  • These special days are designed exclusively for admitted fine arts students* who need to complete an audition or portfolio review as the last step in the admission process for:

    • Art Education
    • Art/Studio 
    • Dance Arts (Interdisciplinary Fine Arts) 
    • Music Education 
    • Music/General 
    • Music Performance 
    • Musical Theatre 
    • Theatre 

    *Students admitted into Art History or Exploratory Fine Arts do not need to audition or complete a portfolio review. Please register for the general Experience IUP program.

  • What You’ll Do at Experience IUP: Fine Arts

    1. You’ll audition or present your portfolio for review.

    Auditions and portfolio reviews can make anyone a little nervous. The professors who see your performance or view your portfolio have all been in your shoes. They understand and appreciate the time and work that goes into preparing for an audition or creating a portfolio. They’re excited to see what our new students can do. Enjoy your chance to share your talents.

    Auditions and portfolio reviews are scheduled during the afternoon session after the general sessions about the experiences of all IUP students. You’ll learn your exact audition time after lunch. Check out our audition and portfolio requirements:

    2. You’ll learn more about opportunities at IUP.

    In the morning, you’ll learn more about IUP and our Fine Arts programs and perhaps take a tour. Your parents and guests will then have a complimentary lunch in the dining hall or dine on their own while you have lunch with current students.

    Ask them questions. Discover opportunities that await you at IUP. Will you join a campus club? Or multiple ensembles? Study abroad? See a Broadway show in Fisher Auditorium? Meet a visiting artist?

    IUP offers more than you can learn about in just one day, but this event is a great start. Find out how we can help you succeed. Explore our many activities and the highlights of campus life.

    Sample Agenda for the Day

    Get a pretty clear idea of your day at IUP with this sample agenda. Once you register, you’ll receive up-to-date information. We look forward to seeing you on campus!

    Experience IUP: Fine Arts (on Mondays)