Frequently Asked Questions about Decision Days

  • What are the benefits of attending the program?

    There are many benefits for students in all situations. If you are able to be admitted, you will be. Knowing you are admitted to college early in your senior year should set the stage for the successful completion of your high school diploma. If you are not admissible, you will have an opportunity to speak with IUP admissions counselors about your options. Knowing early will help you make choices about improving your classroom performance and/or retaking the SATs or ACTs in order to become admissible. Either way, you will have the opportunity to ask questions and learn about campus.

    Is the decision binding?

    No. Whether you are admitted at a Decision Day during the summer or in March, you have until May 1 to decide if IUP is the school you would like to attend.

    Can I reapply if I am not admitted?

    You actually don't have to reapply. We keep your application and encourage you to submit new academic information (first quarter transcripts, senior year SAT/ACT scores) so that we may reevaluate your opportunities for admission. Attending the program will give you a chance to learn firsthand about improvements you should make during your senior year.

    Is the Decision Day open to all majors?

    While the event is technically open to all majors, students applying to majors with special requirements may not learn of program admission.

    The application deadline for the Speech Language Pathology and Audiology major for the fall 2018 semester will be December 15, 2017. The Admissions Committee may offer admission to outstanding applicants prior to the December 15 deadline. However, all other applicants who meet initial academic requirements will be evaluated by the Admissions Committee after the December 15 deadline for the remaining spaces, and students selected for admission will be notified. Therefore, students applying to this major may not receive a decision on Decision Day.

    Fine arts majors (art, music, theater, and interdisciplinary fine arts/music theater or dance arts) will be invited to a Fine Arts Day to audition/submit portfolios for departmental admission consideration. They will be notified at the Decision Day regarding their admission to the university.

    Can I attend this program if I am interested in the Honors College?

    While you are welcome to attend this program and can be informed of your standard admission status, you will not be informed of your Honors College admission at this event. For Honors College admission, you must submit the Honors College supplement, and you will be notified according to their admission timeline.

    Can I attend the program if I am not applying?

    Absolutely. We welcome all visitors to participate. However, we do strongly encourage seniors who plan to apply to IUP to do so at this event so that we may better assist you.