Multicultural Student Recruitment Team

  • The Multicultural Student Recruitment Team is a group of diverse students who serve as representatives of the multicultural student body at IUP for the purpose of recruiting and retaining students of diversity. 

    The team is committed to increasing and retaining the enrollment rates of multicultural students by

    • promoting academic excellence;
    • making efforts to improve the recruitment and admission process;
    • providing an active voice in university enrollment management policies; and
    • creating awareness of the diversity of students on campus and in the community.

    MSRT members correspond with prospective students through letters, e-mails, and postcards. Team members participate in recruitment activities by serving as group leaders, panelists, and tour guides, and by answering questions through various programs on and off campus. MSRT members attend monthly meetings and are valued student leaders in the IUP community.

    We invite all students to apply to become a member of the MSRT!