Marcus Hewitt

  • Marcus Hewitt

    Member, IUP Ambassadors
    Hometown: Philadelphia, Pa.

    I am currently a sophomore chemistry/Pre-med major from Philadelphia. I’m a long way from home, but IUP has become my home away from home — not only do I love my classes and my professors, I have had the chance to really become involved at IUP in many different organizations that have really helped me to grow as an individual.

    During my time at IUP, I have had the opportunity to join a number of student organizationsand become active within my major. I am currently a member of the IUP Ambassadors, the student-alumni association. I had to be nominated and selected for this group, and I am so glad to be part of this organization. As an Ambassador, I have been able to interact and get to know prospective students, socialize at events with current students and network with alumni, faculty and staff, including the university president. This has helped me to become a more confident and well-rounded individual. I’ve also been able to travel for conferences and events.

    I am also part of several organizations related to my chemistry major, and have gotten the chance to participate in a number of blood drives and fundraisers. IUP offers such a wide variety of organizations so no matter what your interests, you can find something that fits. The skills you can learn by being involved in these organizations are fantastic and can help you in every aspect of your life.

    My classes are challenging, but the professors here are truly great teachers who spend time to help students succeed. IUP also has many resources to help students, including free class-specific tutors. IUP’s Career and Professional Development Centerhas programs available to students at all levels and give advice about what students should do during their college years to get the jobs that they want, including mock interviews and career fairs.

    IUP’s campus is beautiful and there is so much to do on campus. You can enjoy watching sports – basketball is in the new Kovalchick Convention and Athletic Complex and always has great crowds – or playing sports through tons of intramural and club teams or just in one of the gyms or outdoor courts. If you enjoy arts and performances, there are hundreds hosted in IUP’s own theaters. If you want to be in a quiet place there are plenty of spaces, including the Oak Grove or the College Lodge. Whatever you enjoy doing, you can find it at IUP.

    When you consider IUP’s wonderful education, low cost, and wonderful community, no other university can compare. Come meet me when you come to campus, I’ll show you around and help you to see all that IUP has to offer. I am looking forward to seeing you soon!