Gabe DelValle

  • Co-founder and First President, Multicultural Student Recruitment Team
    Hometown: Philadelphia, Pa.

    Gabe Delvalle

    IUP has definitely given me the tools and resources I need to succeed. I cannot see myself being anything other than an IUP Crimson Hawk. The people I have met here have made me into the person I am and push me to become a better me.

    I am a psychology major with a minor in philosophy and I feel like I’ve gotten a great education here at IUP. I’m the first in my family to go to college, and deciding on a college that was three hours away from my home was not easy. But, it’s been the best decision of my life.

    No matter if you go to an Ivy League school or a community college, there will be a certain amount of effort that has to come from you, and it is no different here – but at IUP, you are not on your own. The university provides many academic resources, ranging from a writing center, to tutor services in almost every subject. If you need help, it is readily available and free.

    IUP has great professors, most with many years of life experience in their respective fields of study, but who always put teaching first. The professional experiences that the professors have from work outside the classroom is the kind of knowledge that makes them more valuable to students. Professors are always willing to talk with you about prospective career fields and help you reach your goals. Here at IUP you will never feel like just a number or “another” student, you will be an individual treated like you are worthy of the time and respect of your professors.

    At IUP, you can’t avoid becoming involved in clubs and organizations– there are so many opportunities, and if the university doesn’t have what you want, you can start your own club or group! I have created and am the president of the Multicultural Student Recruitment/Retention Team (MSRT) here on campus. I am a member of various organizations across campus including Psi Chi, the Psychology International Honor Society, NRHH (National Residence Hall Honorary), which are the top 1% of student leaders on campus, the Latino Recruitment Committee as well as several other groups.

    One of the biggest opportunities IUP has given to me is networking and getting involved with professionals that have positively impacted me and my future. For example, the university’s Career and Professional Development Centeroffers events like career fairs to meet with potential employers, including successful alumni in those businesses. I received my summer internship placement by attending one of these fairs.

    IUP has helped me to truly grow as a person, and allowed me to create powerful and meaningful relationships with people who care for me, who look after my best interest and are all about pushing me forward to bigger and better things.