Where’s Indiana, Pa.?

  • “There’s an Indiana in Pennsylvania?”

    We get asked this a lot, but that’s okay. We like talking about the friendly town that’s home to IUP. An hour northeast of Pittsburgh and 4.5 hours west of Philly, the Indiana community has about 35,000 residents; many shops, cafes, restaurants, and parks; and one historic clock tower watching over life in a classic college town.

    Here’s how some of our students discovered a place called Indiana, Pa:

    Student Michael Turner

    Michael Turner

    Life here:  Sophomore; physics major; varsity athlete, track and field

    Route to IUP : “I visited IUP one summer through a program that showed high school kids what college living is like. I couldn’t see myself here. It looked so rural.  But when I was reviewing engineering programs, my mother said to keep IUP in mind. We came out for an admissions tour and met Shawn Jones, and he set up some meetings with a dean and some physics and math professors. Talking with them sealed the deal. It showed me the academic atmosphere here is more one-on-one.” 

    Hometown: Philadelphia; George Washington Carver High School of Engineering and Science  

    Student Aleesandria Gonzalez

    Aleesandria   Gonzalez    

    Life here: Junior; environmental geography major; McNair Scholar; recipient of Promising Scholars, Hillary Clinton, and Liuna Valedictorian scholarships; member, Delta Epsilon Iota honors fraternity and Geography Honors Society; volunteer, Indiana County Planning and Development Office and Upward Bound 

    Route to IUP:  “I applied to a lot of colleges, was accepted at all of them, and was offered scholarships. IUP was the only school that sent a representative to talk with me. I’d never heard of IUP before. Harrisburg was about as far west in PA as I'd thought of.”

    Hometown: Philadelphia; Nueva Esperenza Academy Charter School