Community College of Philadelphia

  • CCP logoWelcome, Community College of Philadelphia students! Here’s everything you need to transfer to IUP. 

    IUP is ready to help you pursue your academic and professional aspirations in a way that suits your current needs. 

    Use our Liberal Studies Equivalency Guide to help you to determine which courses to take at CCP for maximum transferability of general studies courses.

    Use our Online Transfer Credit Equivalency System to assist you in determining how other courses not listed on the equivalency guide will transfer.

    Both of these tools are best used in conjunction with our undergraduate catalog, which indicates specific courses that must be taken in order to complete your degree at IUP.

    The following program to program agreements allow students to transfer full Associate of Arts and Associate of Science Degrees into parallel bachelor degree programs with full junior standing. The following programs are covered by state articulation agreements (TAOC):

    CCP+IUP Articulation Agreements
    Community College Degree
    Parallel IUP Degree
    Art and Design (Associate in Arts) Art (BA)
    Business Business Administration (Associate in Arts)
    Accounting (BS)
        Finance (BS)
        Human Resource Management (BS)
        International Business (BS)
        Management (BS)
        Management Information Systems (BS)
        Management/Entrepreneurship and Small Business (BS)
        Marketing (BS)
    Communications Communication Studies (Associate in Arts)
    Communications Media (BS)
      Mass Media (Associate in Arts)
    Communications Media (BS)
    Computer Science
    Computer Science (Associate in Science)
    Computer Science/Applied Computer Science Track (BS)
        Computer Science (BA)
     English English (Associate in Arts)
    English/Film Studies Track (BA)
        English/Language Studies Track (BA)
        English/Literacy Textual and Cultural Studies Track (BA)
        English/Pre-Law (BA)
        English/Writing Studies Track (BA)
     Mathematics Mathematics (Associate in Science)
    Mathematics (BS)
     Psychology Psychology (Associate in Arts)
    Psychology (BA)
     Theater Theater (Associate in Arts)
    Theater (BA)

    Please contact the IUP Transfer Services Office at or the transfer coordinator at Community College of Philadelphia to learn more.

    Reverse Transfer

    IUP has partnered with Community College of Philadelphia and the 13 other PA community colleges to help our students obtain a degree/credential from the community college. The statewide Reverse Transfer initiative identifies students who may be eligible based on credit earned at both Community College of Philadelphia and IUP.

    Once you’ve received an e-mail from our Transfer Services office indicating your eligibility, you'll want to complete the Transcript Release Form that will allow us to forward your IUP transcript to Community College of Philadelphia for review to determine any associate degree award for which you may be eligible.