Freshman Admission Requirements and Planning

  • The Admissions Committee strives to admit students we see as future graduates of IUP.

    We review each application on an individual basis and make the decision we believe will best serve that student.

    Decisions are based primarily on academic preparation and performance. Recommendations, activities, and the personal essay are factored in, but these have a greater impact for a student who is considered borderline in eligibility.

    Test Scores and GPA: Average Student Profile

    Most students earning standard admission to IUP meet or exceed these quantitative criteria:

    • SAT: score of 1050 
      IUP SAT code: 2652
    • ACT: composite score of 22
      ACT code: 3704.
    • Cumulative high school GPA: 3.39

    Nearly any student who presents this type of academic record or better will be admitted through our standard admission program; however, some majors have further specific academic requirements for admission. Additionally, many students below these averages will be eligible for admission to IUP.

    It is possible for some students with outstanding grades to receive an offer of admission based on that strong high school transcript before SAT or ACT scores are submitted. We still require SAT/ACT scores for scholarship consideration and strongly urge all students to submit them as soon as possible to fully complete their IUP application.

    Sending your scores each time you take the SAT or ACT can benefit you by allowing IUP to consider you for all available enrollment-related opportunities.

    Major-Specific Requirements

    Some departments require students to meet additional, major-specific admission requirements. See whether  your major carries additional requirements.

    Course work

    High school students must have completed coursework as required by the state of Pennsylvania for the conferral of the high school diploma. We do not require any specific courses for entry into the university.

    Helpful tip: When you're choosing classes in high school, give some thought to your desired major and the requirements. This will give you prepared for college-level course work.


    There's no language requirement for admission to IUP. However, some departments have a language requirement for graduating from the university.

    Recommended Admission to Regional Campuses

    Occasionally, students may meet our general requirements, but show a lack of consistency in their transcript. The Admissions Committee will admit a student to a regional campus if it is determined the student's success at IUP hinges on academic assistance.

    Students we think will benefit from additional academic support and/or a more intimate academic and social setting may be admitted to one of the regional campuses for completion of their first year: IUP at Northpointe or IUP Punxsutawney.

    This decision is based upon academic information and geography. The committee will review new grades and test scores for Indiana Campus consideration. Changing your major will not affect your campus admission.

    Tori Stone loves IUP

    Why I Love IUP

    “When I visited IUP, the campus felt perfect. My freshman year in Stephenson was really nice. I felt at home.”

    Tori Stone, Class of 2015
    Geography major with an environmental geographer concentration; minors in psychology and anthropology; found her perfect major after joining the ECO Club