High School Juniors: Getting Started

  • Juniors, it’s not too early to start thinking about college. In fact, there are some important things you should be doing and thinking about so you are prepared to apply to schools as a senior. 

    High School Coursework

    Your high school transcripts are the most important part of your application to IUP. We look closely at the courses you’ve taken and how you performed in those classes. Your junior year may be the most important year of coursework, depending on when you apply and how well you’ve done. Be thoughtful about the classes you take—don't be afraid to challenge yourself.     

    SATs and ACTs

    Hopefully you aren’t stressing about the SATs or ACTs just yet, but it is a good idea to take them at least once during your junior year. For students who are looking at competitive programs , you have even more incentive to start the process of preparing and taking these exams early.

    Remember that the earliest you can take the SATs during your senior year is October. We know you will already be really busy by then, and may feel lots of pressure if you haven’t already taken the exam at least once. If you register for an earlier date, you will have time to see how you do. If your scores are not as high as you need or want them to be, you will have plenty of time to study, make some adjustments, and earn the scores that show your ability.

    The ACTs are another exam for you to consider. Sometimes, students who struggle on the SATs are able to earn scores that are better indicators of their ability. This exam tests a broader range of information and is worth considering, especially if a student is not performing as well on the SAT as expected.

    We encourage you to submit all scores when you test—your score report is included in your registration and is considered official when it comes directly from the testing service. Whether the student takes the SAT, ACT, or both, we will apply the highest score for the student’s application.

    Visiting Campus

    A campus visit will tell you more than anything else about whether a school is a good choice for you or not. IUP has many opportunities to visit. As a junior, we encourage you to consider attending one of our Open House programs offered in April, July, and August. Students will be able to tour campus, learn more about campus life, and speak with professors at our Academic Marketplace. 

    In July and August, we host Decision Day programs for rising seniors who want to apply and learn their decision before the start of the senior year. This is a great opportunity for students to be admitted or to get immediate, early feedback from an IUP admission counselor to learn just what we need for admission.

    Financial Aid

    If you haven't already started thinking about how to finance your college education, you should definitely start considering the types of financial aid available and how to begin planning. You might also consider how to make sure that you are looking for scholarship opportunities and preparing yourself as a qualified candidate.