• JosephName: Joseph Marshall

    Dual Enrollment Program: ​Marion Center Area School District, earned 26 college credits while in high school.

    Major and Minor: Accepted for fall 2015, BS in Safety, Health, and Environmental Applied Sciences

    Hometown: Creekside, Pennsylvania

    Ultimate Aspiration: To obtain an undergraduate degree and master’s degree in the Safety Sciences field from IUP.

    What are your plans after graduation:   To become gainfully employed in my field of expertise. 

    Interesting things:   I am an avid sportsmen and enjoy being outdoors. I also played baseball for high school.  I’m a member of the Creekside United Methodist Church and like to volunteer my time there.  In February, I’ll be embarking on my first mission trip to the Dominican Republic.  

    Asked about IUP:  IUP is a great university. The Safety Science program is renowned for its ability to give students the education and training necessary to land a good job after graduation. IUP makes it possible for students like me, who are still attending high school and working a part-time job, to get a jump start on their college credits.  I appreciate how the faculty encourage us to do well and are willing to help when needed. My class sizes have always been reasonable too; you don’t feel like you’re a number here.