Housing Rates and Information

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    Rates listed are per person per semester for the 2016–17 academic year.

    Options Price per
    Two-person shared semi-suite $4,150
    Two-person private semi-suite $4,475
    Two-person shared suite $4,490
    Four-person shared suite $4,490
    Four-person private suite $4,735
    Two-person private suite w/private bath $5,130
    One-person private suite (very limited) $5,265
    Meal Plans
    Options Price per

    *Plan 75F is only available to students living in University Towers.

    Plan 19F (19+$200 Flex) $1,626
    Plan 19F+ (19+$300 Flex) $1,726
    Plan 14F (any 14+$300 Flex) $1,648
    Plan 14 (any 14/week) $1,348
    Plan 165F (any 165/semester+$300 Flex) $1,643
    Plan 10F (any 10+$300 Flex) $1,592
    Plan 75F* (any 75+$200 Flex) $983
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    Several students relax together on couches and chairs and watch TV in a lounge in one of the residence halls