Housing Rates and Information

  • Housing Rates and Information

    Visit and you’ll be surprised by how new our residence and dining facilities are. Rates listed are per person per semester for the 2019–20 academic year. Cook Honors College students should see information on Whitmyre Hall or contact the Honors College if you have questions.


    Options Price per
    Two-person shared semi-suite $4,150
    Two-person private semi-suite $4,475
    Two-person shared suite $4,490
    Four-person shared suite $4,490
    Four-person private suite $4,735
    Two-person private suite w/private bath $5,130
    One-person private suite (very limited) $5,265

    Meal Plans

    Options Price per

    *75F is for off-campus students only. It is not available to resident students.

    Plan 19F (19+$200 Flex) $1,796
    Plan 19F+ (19+$300 Flex) $1,897
    Plan 14F (any 14+$300 Flex) $1,810
    Plan 14 (any 14/week) $1,514
    Plan 165F (any 165/semester+$300 Flex) $1,809
    Plan 10F (any 10+$300 Flex) $1,747
    Plan 75F* (any 75+$200 Flex) $1,077
    A cook in the dining hall holds up an appetizing plate containing two meat and vegetable wraps
    Several students relax together on couches and chairs and watch TV in a lounge in one of the residence halls