He’s in Your Network

  • Murat Ozturan

    Networking: You’ll hear that word more in the next few years as you learn that meeting people and sharing information can help launch or further your career. At IUP, that network extends to the thousands of IUP alumni who live and work around the world.

    Recently, 1989 computer science graduate Murat Ozturan, a 24-year Microsoft veteran, returned to the IUP campus to share advice with students in a summer research program. A native of Turkey, Ozturan has worked on five continents and is now based in Washington state.

    As Microsoft’s Migration Group program manager and formerly the chief technology officer for its operations in Asia and the Pacific, Ozturan said he’s lucky to work at a company that focuses on innovation.

    He encourages students, as well as seasoned workers, to get out of their comfort zone and keep up with new trends and technologies. He takes that advice so seriously that he has acquired a mentor 30 years his junior to help him better understand what younger generations think and do.

    “It’s a different world out there,” he said, and the ability to adapt is essential.

    At Microsoft, Ozturan urges employees to spend a few hours each week learning new things and shedding old habits. He compares it to a surfer catching the next wave to career success rather than sitting on a board and enjoying the view.

    “For me, that wave started with the PC, that wave started with joining Microsoft,” he said, “and I really enjoy jumping from one wave to another.”