Summer Sessions: Getting Ahead

  • Ashleigh StutzmanEach year, more than five thousand students attend Summer Sessions at IUP, often to graduate early or lighten their course load during regular semesters.

    By taking summer classes for the past two years, senior Ashleigh Stutzman, a Human Resources Management major, shaved a semester off her time at IUP. That was a big help for Ashleigh because she was making up for lost time. In Fall 2005, she found herself three semesters behind after changing her major and transferring from Harding University in Searcy, Ark., to IUP.

    But not only did Summer Sessions help Ashleigh catch up—they also helped her grades, she said, even in some of the more demanding classes for her major.

    “During a regular semester, there’s not as much opportunity to concentrate on those classes because you’re taking four or five others at the same time,” she said.

    “In the summer, I had class every day for two hours. There’s less time to forget the information you’ve learned, as opposed to when you have class only two or three days a week.”

    In spite of working three part-time jobs, Ashleigh still made A’s in her summer classes. That may come as a surprise to students who fear cramming a semester’s worth of class into a three- or four-week session, but Ashleigh says the fears are unfounded.

    Ashleigh StutzmanI thought it was easier,” she said. “Classes are generally smaller, and there’s more individual attention.”

    And, although attending Summer Sessions means missing out on a summer off, Ashleigh—who will graduate this spring—highly recommends it to other students.

    “If you can sacrifice a month of your summer, it’s definitely worth it,” she said.

    IUP’s summer offerings include more than five hundred courses—including seventy on-line—as well as study abroad programs, weeklong graduate workshops, and—new this year—a Monday through Thursday schedule for some classes.

    Find out more about Summer Sessions at IUP.