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  • That's not the end of the story. The accomplishments of IUP students, faculty members, and alumni are as varied as their diverse backgrounds, interests, and aspirations. From the story of former IUP student Elizabeth Jane Cochrane, also known as Nellie Bly, who set out to shatter the round-the-globe pace author Jules Verne wrote about in Around the World in Eighty Days to the stories below, at IUP, you’ll discover a dynamic community of learners and teachers who challenge assumptions, encourage intellectual curiosity, and inspire extraordinary memories and achievements.

    Alumni Stories

    The YouTube Guy: Chad Hurley cofounded pop culture's new medium.

    Zippo’s Czar: Greg Booth ’71 leads the iconic, Bradford-based Zippo company. And he couldn’t be happier.

    Faculty Stories

    Bringing Leadership to Life: Robert Millward paints a new picture for future educators.

    Living Outside the Box: Computer scientist Rose Shumba is used to breaking through boundaries.

    Sharing a Passion: Steve Hovan passes along to students his fascination with ocean dust and the clues it offers about evolution and climate.

    Student Stories

    Getting Ahead with Summer Sessions: When Ashleigh Stutzman changed majors, she turned to Summer Sessions at IUP to keep up.

    An Education of Value: Given his experience so far, Mike Appolonia is convinced IUP is preparing him for a successful future.

    An Extraordinary Learning Community: According to Elizabeth Paladin, the Cook Honors College is a place that brings some pretty amazing people and ideas together.

    A Transforming Experience: Says Meredith Giantsos, “I will always value the education I have received at IUP.”