What We Need From You

    1. Visit Evaluation Form (blue sheet)
      • It is important for the admissions office to get your feedback about a college fair. This helps us to evaluate whether we should attend again in the future. At the bottom of the sheet, you will notice a comments section. If you could briefly tell us your thoughts, we would appreciate it. You do not need to fill out the number of seniors, juniors, etc. Only the “comments area” is necessary.
    2. Business Reply Label
      • Within the next day or two after a college fair, please pack up all remaining materials including the inquiry cards (very important) and the “Would you please answer…” cards and package them appropriately. Please place the business reply label on the package and take it to your local post office. There will not be any charge to you by using this label.
    3. From the Admissions Office
      • Once we receive your package, we will immediately input all the inquiry cards so students will begin to receive important information from us. A letter is also generated and sent to these students thanking them for their interest and recognizing their attendance at the college fair and in speaking to our alumni representative.

    The “Would you please answer…”card will also be distributed amongst the admissions staff to contact these students quickly to answer their questions.

    It would also be helpful if you could e-mail any new questions you may have had at the college fair that were not already on the “Commonly Asked Questions” pages. These can then be added for future use. This is especially helpful to any new alumni volunteers.