List of Materials for College Fairs

  • Inquiry Cards

    • Inquiry cards are the most important piece at a college fair. Please encourage any student that comes by your table to fill out an inquiry card. We really try to gather as many names and addresses of interested students as possible. It is important for these students to know that by completing these cards they will continuously receive more information from IUP. Obviously, if we do not gather names and addresses it is not possible for us to contact them again. These inquiry cards become our “prospective” students. It is these prospective students that we work very hard to convert to applicants through our constant contact.

    College Fair Piece

    • This is a piece with good general information about IUP. Please encourage all students to take one.

    Visitation cards

    • These cards list the dates available for families to visit. Please encourage all students to take one.


    • IUP pens are not for giveaway. It actually is against NACAC (National Association for College Admission Counseling) guidelines to give away college souvenirs at recruitment tables. These pens are to be used by students for filling out the inquiry cards. Inevitably, students will take these pens (either purposely or accidentally). This should not be a concern to you as long as you are not intentionally giving them away.

    Table Cover

    • This cover should be placed over the table with materials placed on top. Please be sure to return the table cover with remaining materials and inquiry cards.

    Undergraduate Catalog

    • You will receive an Undergraduate Catalog to use for reference during college fairs.

    Business Reply Label

    • After your college fair(s), please return all materials to the Admissions Office (especially the inquiry cards and “Would you please answer...” card). You may use the same box the materials were shipped in or any other box you may have available. Simply place the business reply label on the box and it will be returned to the Admissions Office without any cost to you.