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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When do I apply?

    Students may apply at the beginning of their senior year. The IUP Office of Admissions begins reviewing applications around the first of September. We operate on a "rolling" admission basis, meaning students will receive a decision within a few weeks of completing their application. We will continue to admit as space allows. However, we encourage students to apply well before May 1 since this is the deadline to guarantee freshmen housing. Fifty percent of our applications are received by Christmas.

    Students interested in majoring in Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology must have their completed application in no later than December 15. This is a very competitive program that only accepts a limited number of students. All applications will be reviewed after December 15, awarding a spot to the top applicants based on academics (SAT/ACT scores and grades).

    What if I am retaking the SAT or ACT? Should I wait until then to apply?

    Students waiting for results of an additional test score should not wait to submit their application. The Admissions Office starts a file on a student when the application is received. Additional test scores or grades are requested as needed.

    What is the average SAT score?

    We put more emphasis on the high school record (class rank, gpa, type of courses taken, etc.). However, the middle 50 percent range of incoming freshman score is 1000–1100 on the SATs. This means 25 percent have higher than 1100 and 25 percent have lower than 1000. We will take the highest score of each section (critical reading and math ) for the highest combination.

    When will I be notified of the admission committee’s decision?

    Once a student's file is complete, applicants may be notified of our admission decision within two to three weeks. Sometimes decisions are rendered in as few as two to three days during non-peak times.

    Students interested in majoring in Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology will not be notified until after December 15.

    How are freshman applications evaluated?

    IUP’s admission decisions are based primarily on a student’s academic record. This consists of the high school transcript: grades, class rank, and cumulative grade point averages. The committee also reviews the levels of the student’s classes. The committee then reviews the student’s SAT and/or ACT scores (IUP accepts either). We will take the highest combination of score from each section (critical reading/math) and use this in the admission process.

    Special review of student essays, letters of recommendation, extracurricular activities, work experience, community service, and any major-related experience may appear favorable during committee review, although these are not required. Personal interviews are not required.

    In addition to the application review process, Fine Arts candidates for admission must also audition (Music, Theater, Dance) or submit a portfolio (Art) to be considered for admission to the program of their choice.

    Does IUP look at the writing portion of the SAT?

    No, we only look at the critical reading and math portions of the SAT.

    Is the review process the same for all majors?

    No. Admission to Nursing; Education; Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology; Safety, Health, and Environmental Applied Sciences; Dietetics; and pre-professional majors are more competitive. Higher SATs and GPAs are required. In general, decisions are based upon academic transcripts and other credentials.

    How do you evaluate transfer students?

    Transfer applications (twelve or more postsecondary college credits attempted) are reviewed on the basis of college course work completed. Transfer students are required to have at least a 2.0 cumulative grade point average on a 4.0 scale (C average) for admission to most programs. Admission to Nursing, Education (including secondary education), Exercise Science, Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology, and Dietetics is more competitive.

    How are international students evaluated?

    If the applicant is not a citizen or permanent resident of the United States and his or her native language is not English, then a minimum score of 500 is required on the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language). We will also accept a score of 5.5 on the IELTS as well. The SAT is optional.

    The credentials that international applicants must submit for admission evaluation will differ from country to country. It is important that transcripts, diplomas, certificates, and other academic records be submitted in English as official copies, or as certified copies of an original.

    Additional forms required of applicants include the admission Application and the Affidavit of Financial Support. International students are required to pay the $45 application fee.

    Do you have daily visitation programs?

    Yes. IUP provides group information sessions during the week when school is in session. Weekday programs are held twice daily with a brief informational overview followed by a tour.

    We request that students contact the IUP Office of Admissions in advance at 1-800-442-6830, to make reservations. Students may also go online to register via the Admissions website.

    Do you have special visit days?

    Yes. We offer several Saturday visitation days throughout the year which we call Decision Days, Academic Expos, and Open Houses. Each Saturday program is different.  Please have families refer to the website for more information. We request that students contact the IUP Office of Admissions in advance at 1-800-442-6830 or register online via the Admissions website.

    The Honors College conducts separate visits and personal interviews from the Office of Admissions. Please have students contact the Honors College directly for information regarding visitations at 1-800-487-9122.

    What is IUP’s academic calendar?

    The university calendar is divided into two 15-week semesters. Fall begins the week prior to Labor Day and concludes shortly before the Christmas holiday (with a break for Thanksgiving), and the Spring semester begins mid-January and concludes the first week of May (with Spring Break in March).

    IUP also offers two five-week Summer sessions and a Winter session. Summer I usually begins the second week in June and ends the second week in July. Summer II begins the third week of July and ends the second week of August.  The Winter session takes place between the Fall and Spring semesters.

    Do you have my major?

    IUP offers over 130 undergraduate programs, over 40 master’s programs, and 10 doctoral programs. A complete list of undergraduate majors appears in the college fair piece.

    Is a language required in high school?

    No, even though it may be required for your major at IUP.

    Do I apply directly to my major or is it better to be Undecided?

    It depends upon how certain the student is as to what they plan to do after graduation. If a student comes in undecided, they will have ample opportunity to change or declare a major within the first two years of study at IUP. We ask that a major be decided upon by the end of the sophomore year to facilitate a timely graduation.

    However, Nursing is a major that needs to be declared immediately in the freshman year. Nursing does not consider internal transfers. Therefore, if you do not begin the nursing program as a freshman, you can not plan on changing to nursing as an undecided student.

    Are there specific high school course requirements for the different academic colleges?

    It varies. An applicant's course requirements for admission to IUP are the same as their high school graduation requirements. As long as the student is able to graduate with the course work they are taking, they have met our admission requirements regarding high school course work. It is helpful, however, to take coursework in high school that is compatible to the course work they are planning to take at IUP. Examples: Take sciences if they are planning to go into Nursing or Pre-Med, languages if they are planning to go into International Business, etc.

    Will IUP accept Advanced Placement (AP) credits?

    Yes. Credit may be awarded depending upon the grade earned on the AP exam. Students must be sure to have an official copy of their test results sent to IUP. A perfect score on the AP exam is a 5; IUP will accept a score of 3 or better. A few AP tests require a 4 or higher.

    I took a course at a local college while I was in high school. Will IUP accept the credit?

    If a student has earned a “C” grade (or better) in the course at a regionally accredited institution, we will evaluate the credit for transfer to IUP.

    Is there an Honors Program?

    Yes. The Robert E. Cook Honors College offers students the opportunity to participate in special honors courses, work closely with faculty advisers, and engage in sustained independent research. Admission to the program is highly selective. Prospective freshman whose academic records suggest that they will benefit from an honors program are invited to apply for admission. For more information, recommend that they visit the Honors College website.

    Is housing guaranteed?

    Yes. Housing is guaranteed for all freshman students that have been accepted to the Indiana campus and have paid their tuition deposit by May 1.

    It is mandatory that freshmen live on campus. To reserve a room, students are required to pay an $80 housing deposit, for which they will be billed. If the $80 deposit is paid by May 15, housing will be guaranteed.

    What are the rooms like?

    We offer suite-style living-learning residential buildings. Students may choose from six different floor plans that range from two- to four-person suites. Individual bathrooms are within each suite. Each suite also offers high-speed wired and wireless Internet connectivity, microwaves and refrigerators, cable television service, and controlled air conditioning and heating.

    More information on housing can be found on the Housing website.

    Can I room with my friend?

    Yes. Students can request to room with a friend. However, it is recommended that both students complete the application process at the same time.

    Can I find out who my roommate will be?

    Yes. When you sign up for housing online, you can see your potential roommate’s name, home address, and major.

    Do I have to have a meal plan?

    Residents are required to purchase one of five university meal plans. This ensures access to high-quality, nutritious meals.

    May I bring a car to campus?

    Although a car is not a necessity, students may have a car on campus for $100 per semester or $200 per year. However, cars must be parked in the Robertshaw Parking Lot.  Campus is completely accessible by walking, by biking, or by public transit (free of charge), making a car necessary only for trips home.

    How much does it cost to attend IUP?

    Tuition rates change from one year to another. Please have the student refer to the College Fair piece for a description of current costs, including tuition, fees, room, and board. A rough estimate of total cost per year (room and board, tuition, and fees) for a resident of Pennsylvania is approximately $21,016. An out-of-state resident pays approximately $32,915. Residents in Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia, Michigan, New York, Maryland, Indiana, and New Jersey receive a tuition discount. Their cost is approximately $27,265. Students from any state that graduate with a 3.0 also receive a tuition discount. Their cost is approximately $27,265.

    When will I get my tuition bill?

    Fall semester bills are sent in mid-July to the student's URSA (University Records and Systems Assistant) account and are to be paid by early August. Students will receive an e-mail notifying them that their tuition bill is available on URSA when the charges have been posted to their account. No paper bills are mailed anymore. Spring semester bills are available in mid-November and are to be paid by early December. For the Summer sessions, billing occurs about a month prior to the beginning of classes. If a student is interested in a payment plan, they may contact the Accounts Receivable office at 724-357-2207.

    How do I apply for student aid?

    Students apply for financial aid at IUP by filling out one form. The FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is available after January 1 online at the FAFSA website. The deadline for filling the form is April 15. This qualifies students for loans, grants, work-study, and scholarships based upon financial need. IUP's code for the application is 003277. Students may find out about their aid any time after April 15 by calling the IUP Financial Aid Office at 724-357-2218 or by e-mailing

    Are academic scholarships available?

    Yes.  Students are automatically considered for all IUP academic scholarships after they are admitted to the university.  There are no forms or applications needed for consideration.  For more details, students should check the IUP scholarship website.

    Are military (ROTC) scholarships available?

    Yes. For more information, they may contact IUP’s Department of Military Science at 724-357-2700. Only Army ROTC is available at IUP.

    What is available for veterans?

    To inquire about general information for vets, please have students contact Cory Shay at the Military Resource Center at (724)357-3008.

    What types of disability services are available?

    Counseling, adaptive physical education, assistance in arranging special housing, classes, and transportation and volunteer help are available. Students with learning disabilities are assisted by offered testing accommodations, such as extended time testing, proctored exams, note-takers, tutors, and recording devices. There is no extra charge for these services. Detailed information is available by contacting Advising and Testing at 724-357-4067.

    Will IUP help me get a job when I graduate?

    The IUP Career and Professional Development Center offers a full range of programs and services to assist students in their search for employment. Among these are individual and group counseling, resume workshops, mock interview sessions, computer-assisted guidance and information system access, and an extensive career resource library. Detailed information is available by contacting the Career and Professional Development Center at 724-357-2235 or by visiting the Career and Professional Development Center website.

    What types of extracurricular activities does IUP offer?

    IUP offers a variety of activities, organizations, and clubs apart from the academic component students receive within the confines of the classroom. We have more than two hundred recognized student organizations, including fraternities, sororities, theater and film groups, and professional and honor societies. For a list of IUP organizations, go to our website and select "Organizations" under the "A-Z" tab.

    Does IUP have fraternities and sororities?

    Yes. IUP has roughly an 8 percent Greek population. IUP offers social, service, and honors fraternities and sororities.

    May I try out for a sport?

    Freshmen are eligible to try out for varsity sports. Many of our athletes are recruited; however, most teams encourage walk-ons. If they are interested in participating in a varsity sport, have their coach contact the appropriate IUP coach to discuss their varsity potential via the Athletics website.

    May I try out for Marching Band or any other musical ensemble?

    Yes. Students do not necessarily have to be Music or Theater majors to try out for the many musical groups and theatrical groups available at IUP. These auditions are open to the entire IUP student community. For audition information, please contact the Theater Department at 724-357-2965, or contact the Music Department at 724-357-2390.