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College Fair Set-up

    1. Please be sure to arrive on time and to dress appropriately. Your table should be set up and ready to go by the start of the program. Students and parents will be visiting your table to gather materials and to ask questions about IUP. Many questions you may not be able to answer. This is certainly understandable, and we encourage you to be up front with families if you do not know the answers. It is important, however, that they do receive their answers in a timely fashion. For any questions that you may not be able to answer, please have families e-mail
    2. Your college fair table should be set up with the following:
      1. Materials that were mailed from the admissions office
      2. Table covering
      3. Pens (for students to fill out cards, not for giveaways)
    3. The most important component to the college fair is to gather inquiry cards from interested students. When students visit your table, please encourage them to fill out the inquiry card. By doing so, this gives the admissions office the contact and information we need to enter them into our database. This in turn allows us to have constant contact with the student throughout the year. The inquiry card is our best way to make a connection. If we don’t have their information, we are unable to send them additional materials that may increase their interest in IUP. If a student does not want to fill out the inquiry card, however, please be sure they at least take materials so they will have the ability to contact us.