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Reserve Housing and Meal Plan

  • Both on- and off-campus housing is available for students coming to IUP. New and transfer undergraduate international students with fewer than 60 credits must live on campus. In addition, all exchange students are required to live in an IUP residence hall. Approximately 4,000 IUP students live on campus.

    Exceptions to this requirement include students who:

    • Commute no more than 35 miles from the home of their parents or guardian.
    • Are married.
    • Have dependent children living with them.
    • Are veterans of military service.
    • Are age 21 or older.

    Students requesting an exemption to the IUP residency requirement must complete a Residency Requirement Exemption Request Form, available online at the Office of Housing, Residential Living, and Dining, or at the Office of Housing, Residential Living, and Dining in Ruddock Hall, Suite G37, 1099 Maple Street, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Indiana, PA 15705.

    On-Campus Housing

    Students wishing to live on campus can complete a housing contract through their IUP computer account (MyIUP). See instructions below. The on-campus residence halls at IUP are newly built and refurnished. There are a variety of types of rooms you can reserve. Visit the Office of Housing, Residential Living, and Dining for more details.

    Wallwork Hall, our Global Awareness building, is the residence hall we suggest international students reserve, because it is available during breaks and most international students will be housed here. The Office of Housing, Residential Living, and Dining cannot make a room assignment without your signed agreement. For general questions about housing, please see the Office of Housing, Residential Living, and Dining website, e-mail, or call 724-357-2696.

    How to Reserve On-Campus Housing

    Log into URSA (University Records and System Assistant):

    • Login to your IUP computer account at MyIUP.
    • Have your Student ID @___________ and password available. (see letter from the IUP Registrar in your admissions packet). Make sure to include the @ prior to the ID number.

    Completing your Online Housing Agreement:

    • Select “Student Services.”
    • Select “Housing Menu,” and then “Select or View Housing and Dining Information.”
    • Please select the term that you will be attending IUP (fall 2014 or spring 2015)
    • You will then be asked to create a Housing and Dining Application. Choose the residence hall you would like to live in and all other required information. We recommend Wallwork Hall.
    • After you click “Submit” to the Online Housing Agreement, you will receive a message that your choices were saved successfully.
    • You will receive a confirmation e-mail in your IUP e-mail account verifying your Housing Agreement submission. To login to your IUP e-mail account, see the instructions in a letter from the IUP Registrar’s Office included in your packet.
    • Note: You are not required to pay the $80 housing deposit.

    Housing Application Deadlines

    For fall term, all students must return their housing contracts to IUP by June 1, to guarantee housing. If your contract is submitted after this date, IUP cannot guarantee on-campus housing, nor will we arrange off-campus housing. For spring term, housing contracts should be submitted online prior to December 15.

    Please note that an online on-campus housing contract is a binding legal agreement. If you sign a contract for fall, you are required to stay in the residence hall for fall and spring, unless you are a one-semester exchange student. If you sign a contract for spring, your contract ends at the end of the spring semester. Contracts are renewed every year and must be applied separately for summer sessions. Students are only permitted to live on campus while taking classes during summer sessions.

    All lodging accommodations require advance reservations. Shared apartment and residence hall accommodations are available to graduate students without spouses or families. There are no on-campus housing for married couples or students with children.

    Break Housing

    Students living in IUP residence halls may stay in Wallwork Hall for free during holiday breaks (applications must be completed as well as other conditions being met). If an international student needs housing for winter break, there will be a flat charge of $392. Summer housing can only be applied for if students are taking classes during that term. Otherwise, they have to move out during the summer break. Cafeterias are closed during Thanksgiving, winter, and spring breaks. A student may stay after the fall semester (up to four days prior to returning student check-in) for a fee of $30 per night. 

    Off-Campus Housing

    Many students enjoy living off-campus. Please review our Off-Campus Housing list for recommended housing complexes. It should be understood that IUP makes no living arrangements other than in its own residence facilities. It is important that you take the necessary steps to secure adequate housing before arriving at IUP. Most apartment managers and landlords will require signing a contract that is legally binding and will require a security deposit, which can sometimes equal one extra months’ rent before moving in.

    Note: In the U.S., the written word is very strict. Read every document and make sure you understand it before signing any document such as a lease or contract. A lease is binding legal contract between you and the property owner or landlord. When you sign a lease, you will typically be required to pay a “security deposit,” usually equivalent to at least one month's rent, as well as the rent for the first month. The security deposit will be returned to you when you move out, provided you leave the apartment in good condition. Also after signing the lease, if you decide that you no longer want to live in that apartment, your landlord has the right to keep your security deposit because you signed the lease.

    If you decide to look for off-campus housing while you are at IUP, you may want to consult the International Handbook that you will receive upon arrival. It may also be helpful to ask for help from an American friend or other student who has been in the U.S. for a couple of years. Never sign a lease unless you understand all of the terms and are completely satisfied with the apartment and surrounding property.

    When you sign a lease, you are also obligated to pay the landlord monthly rent for the duration of the lease. Before you sign the lease, you should be reasonably sure that you plan to live in that location for the duration of your lease. With permission from your landlord, you may be allowed to find a tenant to take your place for the remainder of your contract. If you “sublease” your apartment to other tenants, however, you probably will remain responsible for their actions.

    Meal Plan

    Students living in IUP residence halls are required to purchase one of five meal plans. Students living off campus who want a meal plan have the option to purchase one of six meal plans. It is not required for off-campus students to purchase a meal plan. A meal plan can be chosen through the student’s IUP computer account as well.

    Please be advised that there is always an adjustment period to the food and beverages in a new country or culture. The campus dining personnel will work with students who have special dietary requirements. No exceptions to or alterations of the meal plan contract will be allowed.

    Meal plans will begin for all IUP students, domestic as well as international, with lunch/dinner on the weekend before classes. You should be prepared to pay for meals off campus prior to that date. Please refer all dining questions to