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Remember to Bring

  • Things to Bring

    • Money
      International money transfers to U.S. banks will often be delayed, sometimes up to two months. Please prepare by bringing cash, traveler's checks or credit cards that can be readily used in the U.S. PNC Bank, located in the IUP HUB, will assist interested students in opening an account during orientation. Banks often delay the payment of money that is transferred from foreign banks. It may take up to two months to cash a check or draft from a foreign bank. Banks also charge a separate fee for this service.

    • Clothing
      Pennsylvania experiences all seasons (winter, spring, summer, fall). If you have been admitted for the Fall semester and arrive in August, lightweight clothing is appropriate. Winter clothes can be purchased after you arrive. If you have been admitted for the Spring semester and arrive in January, a heavy overcoat, gloves, and wool clothing will be necessary.
    • Bedding
      You will be responsible for providing your own sheets, blankets, pillows, and towels whether you live in the IUP residence hall or off-campus. You can purchase them after you arrive, or pre-order these items (see the "DormCo" brochure in your admissions package or go to their website for more information).
    • Cultural Clothing and Artifacts
      International students are invited to participate in cultural events and classroom presentations to share information about their country. Articles of clothing or something that represents your country for cultural events or presentations is most welcome.
    • Medical Prescriptions
      If you take any medicines on a regular basis, you should bring at least one month supply. Have a pharmacist label the medication clearly for Customs inspections and bring them in your carry-on luggage. Medication is very expensive in the United States.
    • Extra Eyeglasses, Contacts or Eye Prescription (if you wear them)

    Documents to Bring

    • International Driver's License
      If you plan to rent or purchase a car soon after arriving in the U.S., we strongly recommend you obtain an International Driver's License in your home country which can be used for up to 1 year in Pennsylvania. Licenses from home countries can be used for some car rental agencies. It may take 3-4 months to obtain a Pennsylvania Driver's License. One semester exchange students are not eligible for a Pennsylvania Driver's License. 
    • Immunization and Health History Records
    • Children’s Birth Certificates and Immunization Records
    • Final Transcripts from U.S. or Institutions Abroad
      All students who have not turned in original copies of transcripts from all university classes taken must turn in final transcripts for evaluation. Turn them into the Graduate School or Transfer Services office for evaluation and advising.


    Should you have any packages that you plan to mail to IUP prior to arrival, send them addressed them to yourself and c/o IUP Folger Post Office, 900 Maple Street, Indiana, Pa. 15705, USA. You may claim them later at the Post Office, which is in the basement of Folger Dining Hall.