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Family Resources

  • International students and scholars who choose to bring their families to the US while studying at IUP, may have questions about medical facilities, schools, and entertainment. Below is a list of resources available to families while in Indiana, Pennsylvania. We encourage all family members to purchase health insurance while here. Please contact our office with any additional questions you may have.

  • Child Care and Area Schools

    Indiana, Pennsylvania is a small town dedicated to the education of its community members and children. There are numerous child care and preschool options - many of which include ESL courses. The list below provides contact information for area child care, preschool, public school, and ESL facilities. 

    Child Care

    You will find a listing of Daycare Providers in Indiana and surrounding areas. The Office of International Education recommends you visit providers to decide what is best for you and your child/children.

    Area Schools

    A list of ESL programs as well as preschools, elementary, and high schools in the Indiana area. 

    Keys Montessori School
    695 School Street, Indiana, PA 15701 
    (724) 349-5680 

    Zion Lutheran Preschool 
    100 S 6th Street Indiana, PA  15701 (724) 465-5770 

    St Bernard Learning Center   
    300 Clairvaux Drive, Indiana, PA  15701 (724) 465-5476 

    Indiana County Head Start Incorporated 
    528 Gompers Avenue #1 Indiana, PA  15701 (724) 349-6200   

    Christian Playday 
    712 Church Street Indiana, PA  15701 (724) 463-8535  

    K-12 Schools
    Visit the Indiana Area School District for a list of schools in the Indiana area. Visit the main administrative office to enroll your child in a school. 

    English Programs

    American Language Institute (ALI) 
    The American Language Institute (ALI) is IUP's intensive English program. The ALI offers full-time, noncredit programs for international students and visitors. 

    ARIN/ESL Programs
    ARIN has community outreach services to adult learners, partnerships, and local management with businesses and higher education institutions and agencies. English as a Second Language (ESL). This course is currently offered in Indiana County. 

    Indiana County CareerLink  
    300 Indian Springs Road Indiana, PA 15701  
    Monday and Wednesday, continuing through the school year 12:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

  • Community Resources

    This section contacts information that will help you adjust to life in the United States. Listed is a variety of shopping venues, restaurants, or specialty supermarkets you may need, both local and outside of Indiana. Also, important phone numbers and other miscellaneous information you may need. 

    Venues in Indiana, PA

    Indiana Mall 
    2334 Oakland Avenue 
    Indiana, PA 15701 
    (724) 349-6110 

    Regency Mall 
    1570 Oakland Avenue 
    Indiana, PA 15701 
    (724) 349-4442 

    Downtown Indiana 
    39 N 7th St Ste 101 
    Indiana, PA 15701 
    (724) 463-6110 

    Southtown Plaza 
    3100 Oakland Avenue 
    Indiana, PA 15701 
    (724) 463-7769 

    Restaurant Guide 
    Visit the Restaurant Guide for a list of restaurants around Indiana. 

    Coffee Shops
    View the Coffee Shops Guide for a list of coffee shops around Indiana. 

    Venues near Indiana, PA

    Important Numbers

    In the United States and Canada, the telephone number used to call for police, fire, or ambulance emergency services is 911.

    IUP Office of International Education 
    920 Grant Street 
    Delaney Hall B25 
    Indiana, PA 15705 
    (724) 357-2295 

    National Poison Control Center 
    (800) 222-1222 

    Alice Paul House 
    P.O. Box 417 
    Indiana, PA 15701 
    Administration Phone: 724-349-5744 
    Fax: 724-349-7883 

    Note:The e-mail address is not a secure, confidential way to contact the Alice Paul House. If you are a victim, please call the 24-hour hotline (724-349-4444) for assistance. If you are in a crisis situation now, call 724-349-4444. Someone is available to help you twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, every day of the year. 

    Crime Victim’s Hotline: 1-800-435-7249 (For calls from outside local calling area only, within Pennsylvania) 

    Children and Youth Services 
    350 N. 4th Street 
    Indiana, PA 15701 
    (724) 465-3895 

    Children and Youth Services ensure the protection of children from the damaging effects of abuse and neglect, to facilitate services within the community, to empower families to provide for their children in a safe environment and enable them to reach their full potential. 

    Student Legal Services 
    Robert S. Muir, Attorney at Law 
    936 Philadelphia Street 
    Indiana, PA 15701 
    (724) 349-6020 

    Lawrence M. Lebowitz, Attorney at Law 
    Cohen & Grigsby, P.C. 
    625 Liberty Avenue 
    Pittsburgh, PA 15222 
    (412) 297-4979 

    IUP Campus Police 
    University Towers 
    850 Maple Street 
    Indiana, PA 15705 
    (724) 357-2141 

    Food Banks 
    Indiana County Community Action Agency (ICCAA) 
    Indiana, PA 15701 
    (724) 463-7440 

    WIC is a federally funded program that provides food, infant formula and nutrition education for low-income families. WIC stands for Women, Infants and Children, who represent the populations WIC serves. WIC is meant for low-income mothers who are pregnant and/or have children under the age of 5. The government distributes the money to state agencies who, in turn, assist women and children in need. 

    Pennsylvania Department of Human Services 
    2750 W Pike Road 
    Indiana, PA 15701 
    (724) 357-2900 

    Indiana Gazette 
    899 Water Street 
    Indiana, PA 15701 
    (724) 465-5555 

  • Housing Information

    Included in the Housing section is information concerning finding housing, insurance, getting utilities, what is a lease, finding furniture, local laundromats, and storing your items if you are in need. 

    On-Campus and off-campus housing

    There are many living options on and off campus. See on- and off-campus housing options for more information.

    Renters insurance

    Many people who rent apartment units or other housing mistakenly assume that the owner’s insurance policy will cover the loss of personal property after a devastating event (fire, flood, break-ins, etc.). The reality is that renters are not automatically protected—the landlord will only be reimbursed for the structure itself, not the renters’ belongings. This is why renters are strongly encouraged to purchase a protective policy called renters insurance. 

    Renters insurance is a low-cost insurance policy which covers almost all personal property inside an apartment and liability for medical or legal expenses if a visitor is injured. A typical insurance policy may cost from $150 to $300 USD a year in premiums, but covers up to $35,000 USD in property losses and $100,000 in liability claims against the renter. Insurance companies can and often do reject applications for this type of insurance based on group housing situations or duplicate coverage from a renter’s parents. College students seeking insurance for off-campus housing may find it difficult to obtain, and those in dormitory settings may be rejected out of hand because of the increased risk of horseplay and theft. 

    Utilities (phone, internet, electric, gas)

    The costs of some utilities, such as gas and electric, tend to fluctuate with the weather and the market price of fuel. Some regions of the country may have more properties that use both gas and electric. 

    Apartments may include some of the utility costs in your rent. This could save you some money, especially if your landlord pays your heat. Some apartments include all of the utilities in the monthly rent. If you own a home, you’re responsible for all of the utilities, including trash, water, electricity, gas, cable, and Internet. A condo or townhouse may have a homeowner’s association that covers some of these utilities. You must still pay a separate monthly fee to the association, which in turn pays the utility bill for all of the properties in the association. 

    Indiana County Municipal Svc. 
    602 Kolter Dr, 
    Indiana, PA 15701 
    (724) 349-6640 

    Xfinity Authorized Retailer 

    UGI Central Penn Gas 
    (800) 652-0550 

    Central Indiana Water Authority 
    30 E Wiley St, 
    Homer City, PA 15748 
    (724) 479-8005 


    Leases are written agreements under which a property owner allows a tenant to use the property for a specified period of time and rent. Make sure you have read your lease agreement very carefully before you sign it—this is a binding contract.


    Some apartments and homes come unfurnished. You may need to provide your own furniture. Furniture may be purchased or rented. 

    Speedy Furniture 
    3100 Oakland Avenue Suite 20 
    Indiana, PA 15701 
    (724) 463-7778 

    Smith's Furniture of New Germany, Inc. 
    3955 W Pike Rd, 
    Indiana, PA 15701 
    (724) 349-6921 

    Levin Furniture Co. 
    1540 Oakland Ave, 
    Indiana, PA 15701 
    (724) 349-2909 

    Rustic Acres Furniture 
    2279 Warren Rd, 
    Indiana, PA 15701 
    (724) 349-1720 

    1497 Philadelphia St, 
    Indiana, PA 15701 
    (724) 349-6180 


    If your house or apartment does not come with a washer and dryer, you can go to what is called a laundromat. A laundromat is a coin-operated laundry facility, often called a coin laundry. Laundromats usually feature many dryers on one or two walls and rows of washing machines in the middle of the room. This allows those without access to a home washing machine, or without access to a machine large enough for certain items, the solution of having another place to do their laundry. 

    Laundromats usually have tables for folding clean laundry, as well as chairs so that those using the laundromat have somewhere to sit while waiting for their clothes to be washed and dried. Some coin-operated laundries may have television sets or Internet access. Many people don’t like to leave their clothes in the laundromat unattended and wait there through both the washing and drying cycles. This is because items could be stolen, and the laundromat management assumes no responsibility for any missing or damaged laundry. See our Laundromats Guide for a list of laundromats near you. 

    Self-storage facilities

    A self-storage facility is a storage space rented out to people typically on a monthly basis. Customers of self-storage facilities are treated as tenants to their chosen space, which can either be a locker, container, room, or an outdoor space. It is considered a comparatively smaller space compared to that of storage rentals comprised of whole warehouses or land property. The rented space is secured by the tenant himself using his own lock and key. However, the entire facility has the benefit of overall security as provided by the self-storage company 

    Renting a self-storage facility is subject to a written agreement between the facility and the tenant. This agreement needs to be signed before move-in is allowed. The terms and conditions of storage are explained by the facility staff, and the tenant should take the time to understand them. Potential tenants must be able to show suitable proof of identity. 

    Vacating a rented space would require the tenant to give notice to the facility. In cases of non-payment of rented space for a determined period of time, self-storage facilities may be allowed to conduct a storage auction or lien sales. This is always subject to the prevailing laws in the location of the facility. The non-paying tenant has until the beginning of the auction to pay and reclaim his properties.   

    Self Storage 
    1700 Philadelphia St, Indiana 
    (724) 463-3822 

    Indiana Self Storage Center 
    1749 Wilson Ave, Indiana 
    (724) 840-3687    

    A Storage Inn 
    2125 Shelly Dr, Indiana 
    (724) 349-6611 

    Lug-It To Larch's Self Storage 
    4346 Route 286 Hwy E, Indiana 
    (724) 463-3110 

  • Local Healthcare

    There are numerous healthcare facilities located in and around Indiana, Pennsylvania. This section will include the contact information of local doctors, dentists, hospitals, and clinics.


    Chestnut Hills Dental 
    655 Church St Ste 300, 
    Indiana, PA  15701   
    (724) 349-8380   

    Dr. Dennis R. Brumbaugh, DMD 
    1177 S 6th Street 
    Indiana, PA  15701 
    (724) 465-2036 

    Cavalancia Orthodontics 
    152 N 5th St, 
    Indiana, PA  15701  
    (724) 463-7700 

    Dr. M. Frederick Dills, DDS & Dr. Scott F. Dills, DDS 
    880 Church St 
    Indiana, PA  15701  
    (724) 463-7270 

    Allegheny Orthodontic Associates 
    120 N 5th St, 
    Indiana, PA  15701 
    (724) 465-6662    

    Dr. James A. Connelly, DDS 
    2277 Warren Rd, 
    Indiana, PA  15701 
    (724) 463-8553  

    Dr. Joseph E. Marko Jr, DDS 
    450 N 9th St, 
    Indiana, PA  15701 
    (724) 463-9115 

    General Medicine

    Dr. Imran Bajwa, MD 
    850 Hospital Road  
    Indiana, PA  15701  
    (724) 349-8825 

    Dr. Harry Fegley, MD 
    2125 Oakland Ave 
    Indiana, PA 15701 
    (724) 349-8660 

    Dr. Sungshu Lan, MD 
    2255 Philadelphia St 
    Indiana, PA 15701 
    (724) 349-1616 

    Dr. Jamil Ahmed, MD 
    2121 Shelly Dr 
    Indiana, PA 15701 
    (724) 349-3433 

    Dr. Donna Hosmer, MD  
    835 Hospital Rd 
    Indiana, PA 15701 
    (724) 357-7121 

    Dr. Richard Sandrowicz, MD   
    1265 Wayne Ave 
    Suite 105 
    Indiana, PA 15701  
    (724)  349-6742 

    Dr. Edward Woodle, MDO  
    660 Stutzman Rd 
    Indiana, PA 15701 
    (724) 465-9000 

    Dr. Paul Zorch, MD 
    835 Hospital Rd 
    Indiana, PA 15701 
    (724) 357-7121 


    Dr. Michael Stever, RDO 
    1075 Indian Springs Road 
    Indiana, PA 15701 
    (724) 349-9560 

    Ben Franklin Obgyn Inc 
    1265 Wayne Ave Suite 200 
    Indiana, PA 15701 
    (724) 463-0225 

    Dr. Thomas McCoy, DMD 
    841 Hospital Rd Suite 2600 
    Indiana, PA 15701 
    (724) 349-1630 

    Adagio Health 
    1097 Oak Street 
    Indiana, PA 15701 
    (724) 349-2022 

    OB/GYN Care Center 
    879 Hospital Rd 
    Indiana, PA 15701 
    (724) 357-8198 

    OB/GYN Care Center 
    1177 S 6th St 
    Indiana, PA 15701 
    (724) 357-8198 

    Hospitals and Medical Clinics

    Indiana Regional Medical Center 
    835 Hospital Rd 
    Indiana, PA 15701 
    (724) 254-4314 

    2128 Oakland Ave 
    Indiana, PA 15701 
    (724) 349-4362 

    Urgent Care 
    835 Hospital Road  
    Indiana, PA  

    Urgent Care at Chestnut Ridge 
    25 Colony Blvd, Ste 112  
    Blairsville, PA 15717 
    (724) 459-4762 


    Indiana Pediatric Associates 
    15 S 8th St Ste 200 
    Indiana, PA  15701 
    (724) 463-0476 

    Pediatric Care Center PC  
    1265 Wayne Ave Suite 309  
    Indiana, PA  15701 
    (724) 349-1310 

    Rose Medical Associates 
    15 S 8th St Suite 201 
    Indiana, PA  15701  
    (724) 349-8311 

    Dr. Neale John, MMD 
    935 Indian Springs Road 
    Indiana, PA 15701  
    (724) 349-7590 

    Indiana Pediatric Associates 
    1177 S 6th Street 
    Indiana, PA  15701 
    (724) 463-0540 


    Gatti Pharmacy 
    701 Philadelphia St 
    Indiana, PA  15701  
    (724) 349-4200 

    Diamond Drugs (two locations) 
    670 Philadelphia St 
    Indiana, PA  15701  
    (724) 465-4200 

    841 Hospital Rd Ste 1100,  
    Indiana, PA  15701 
    (724) 463-3440 

    2334 Oakland Ave Ste 6, 
    Indiana, PA 15701 
    (724) 349-7654 

    Rite Aid Pharmacy 
    375 Philadelphia St, 
    Indiana, PA  15701 
    (724) 465-2243 

    CVS Pharmacy | Photo 
    2501 Warren Rd, 
    Indiana, PA  15701 
    (724) 349-5620 

    Walmart Pharmacy 
    3100 Oakland Ave 
    Indiana, PA  15701 
    (724) 349-5759 

    Martin's Food Market
    1570 Oakland Ave, 
    Indiana, PA  15701 
    (724) 465-6834 

  • Things to Do

    Find entertainment for you and your family in Indiana and in surrounding cities. Also listed is information about airports and local hotels available in and around Indiana. 

    Culture and Art

    IUP Campus Galleries and Museums 
    IUP is home to several art venues, including Kipp Gallery, Miller Gallery, and the University Museum, which display the work of faculty, students, and other international, national, and regional artists in thought-provoking exhibits throughout the year. 

    The Artists Hand Gallery and Espresso Bar 
    732 Philadelphia Street 
    Indiana, Pennsylvania 15701  
    (724) 463-8710 

    The Jimmy Stewart Museum 
    845 Philadelphia Street 
    Indiana, PA 15701   
    (724) 349-6112 

    There are also many art galleries and museums that you can visit with your family that are located in Pittsburgh, PA. 

    Fun, bowling, and cinemas

    Mohawk Lanes
    1924 Oakland Avenue 
    Indiana, PA  15701   
    (724) 463-7443   

    Carmike Cinemas
    Indiana Mall 
    Indiana, PA 15701  
    (724) 465-8800 

    Palace Garden Drive-In 
    225 Indian Springs Rd 
    Indiana, PA 15701  
    (724) 465-9032   

    Indiana Free Library
    845 Philadelphia Street 
    Indiana, PA  15701   
    (724) 465-8841 

    IUP Athletics 
    Visit an IUP football or basketball game.  Check out the website for list of events. 

    Public Playgrounds

    Horace Mann Playgrounds – next to Horace Mann School 
    205 S 5th Street 
    Indiana, PA 15701 

    Eisenhower Playground – next to Eisenhower School  
    1460 School Street 
    Indiana, PA  15701 

    Mack Park - Near Indiana Regional Medical Center 
    South Sixth Street 
    Indiana, PA 15701 
    Home of the J.S. Mack Community Center, Mack Park features an outdoor swimming pool with diving area, a 90-foot water slide, five ball parks, three tennis courts, and an enclosed picnic pavilion. 

    Getty Heights Park
    Local Directions:
     Rte. 286 East into Indiana, turn right on Rustic Lodge Rd. at light, park located on left beside Rustic Lodge. 

    S&T Arena Playground 
    497 E Pike Road 
    Indiana, PA  15701   
    (724) 465-2665 

    Outdoor activities

    Indiana Recreation Department 
    497 East Pike Road 
    Indiana, PA 15701 
    (724) 463-3473 

    The Indiana Area Recreation and Parks Commission is committed to providing a wide range of recreational activities to the general population of the Indiana community. It is also our commitment to ensure equal participation for all participants regardless of skill level, race, age, gender (some programs are age and/or gender specific), or income level. All participants are encouraged to do their best, interact socially, develop good sportsmanship and most important have FUN. 

    S & T Bank Arena 
    497 East Pike Road 
    Indiana, PA 15701 
    (724) 465-2665 

    The S&T Bank Arena, at the White Township Recreation Complex, offers a variety of community based programs and services including public ice skating, ice skating lessons, Learn to Play hockey lessons, and many more. Our facility houses a turf arena, full ice arena, batting cage, and meeting/party rooms. The arena is also well equipped for a variety of indoor events. We are proud to host many organizations such as the Red Line Club, Indiana Youth Hockey Association, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, The Indiana Ice Minks, Kiski Prep, Indiana Area Soccer Boosters and The Indiana Lacrosse Club. 

    Pennsylvania State Parks 
    If you want to explore Pennsylvania's great outdoors, you've come to the right place. You can find information for planning a one day picnic or hiking trip, a weekend getaway, or a vacation. Pennsylvania State Parks do not charge an entrance fee.  Parks close to Indiana are Yellow Creek State Park, Blue Spruce State Park, see full list on website. 

    Bicycle Trails

    Seasonal activities

    Amusement parks/outdoor adventures

    Fitness centers

  • Transportation and Driving

    Here you will find information about getting a driver’s license, auto insurance, and renting or purchasing a car. Public transportation is also included.

    Getting a Driver’s License

    The Pennsylvania Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) oversees issuing of driver’s licenses and state identification cards. Most non-immigrants and their dependents can obtain a Pennsylvania (PA) driver’s license or state identification card. A state identification card is a good alternative to carrying a passport and is useful for opening bank accounts or going to bars or restaurants where alcohol is served.

    Visit the Driving, Licenses, Pennsylvania Identification for more information on how to obtain a driver’s license.

    Pennsylvania Department of Motor Vehicles

    Automobile Insurance

    Pennsylvania law requires all Pennsylvania motor vehicle owners to maintain vehicle liability insurance (financial responsibility) on a currently registered vehicle. Vehicle liability insurance covers property damage or injuries you may cause to others in a crash.

    Failure to maintain liability insurance on a registered vehicle may result in a three-month suspension of your vehicle registration privilege. You can find out more information by downloading the Insurance Law Fact Sheet.

    Public Transportation

    Local Bus
    IndiGO Bus (Indiana County Transit Authority)
    provides bus transportation around campus and Indiana. Use your IUP I-Card to ride the bus for free.

    Indiana’s Greyhound bus station is located just off campus. Tickets can be booked on the Greyhound website.

    Fullington Trailways
    (800) 942-8287 or (724) 463-0213
    Fullington Trailways has service to Pittsburgh and other cities in Pennsylvania. Fullington uses the bus stop in front of Stouffer Hall.

    Majesty Shuttle
    (888) 794-3400 or (412) 462-5023.
    Provide at least 48-hour notice to guarantee pickup. Only cash or credit cards are accepted. SuperShuttle may be reached at 800-BLUE-VAN (800-258-3826). Reservations may be made on the SuperShuttle website.

    Taxi Red and White Taxi
    (724) 463-0270
    Provides rides to and from the airport.

    Turbo Taxi
    (724) 465-8294
    Available within a 15-mile radius of Indiana.

    The Johnstown Amtrak Station is the closest train station to IUP. There is no regularly scheduled bus service between Johnstown and Indiana, a distance of about 24 miles. If you plan to travel to IUP by train, you should make plans for transportation from Johnstown to Indiana in advance.

    Car Rentals

    Most agencies will have a non-negotiable minimum age requirement of 25. Younger drivers (usually 18 to 24) will be subject to a younger driver surcharge. Even if you do meet the age requirement, some agencies will even have an upper age requirement for certain specialty vehicles. Make sure to check with the agency policies online to get clear details about the younger driver policy and your particular situation. Also, note that an international company might have different requirements for each location.

    Some car rental companies have agreements with businesses to allow car rentals to younger drivers who will use the car for business purposes only. Sometimes the younger driver surcharge is even waived. If you are going on a business trip and are a younger driver, it would be best to consult your company’s corporate travel manager for further details.

    Purchasing a Car

    Selling or buying a car in Pennsylvania requires more than just a check and a handshake. It’s a process of forms and signatures that the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) requires for subsequent titling and registration purposes.

    One overlooked signature could cause you a bureaucratic migraine that takes weeks to cure. Making the effort to assure all papers and signatures are in order is time well spent.

    If you’re selling a car in Pennsylvania:

    • Print and sign your name in the presence of a notary on the back of the title (in Section A); the buyer must do the same.
    • Record the vehicle’s odometer reading.
    • Be sure you remove your license plates from the vehicle.

    If you’re buying a car in Pennsylvania:

    • Before you clinch the deal, arrange to have car insurance. Make sure the seller completes Section A on the back of title.
    • Print and sign your name on the title in the presence of a notary. Record the vehicle’s odometer reading.
    • Visit a PennDOT Vehicle Services Center to transfer the title to your name and register the vehicle. You may apply for new license plates, or make arrangements to transfer plates from another vehicle.
    • If the vehicle’s emission and inspection decals are not valid, you will have 10 days to pass the inspections.

    Buying and selling without paperwork
    In Pennsylvania, as in many states, you are required to furnish a title when registering a vehicle―so make sure you get the title from the seller when you buy a car. The registration papers are not quite as necessary, although it makes the process much easier.

    If you’re the buyer, please use caution when someone tries selling you a vehicle without the title. This is usually a red flag that could signal the car is stolen or salvaged. It would be wise to look for another vehicle.

    If you want to sell a car for which you’ve lost the title, refer to the Buying and Selling FAQs section for information about how to apply for a duplicate. Once you have the duplicate title in hand, you can proceed with the sale.

    Buyer Beware
    The excitement of buying a car can go hand-in-hand with the fear of getting fleeced. Fortunately, Pennsylvania has instituted a Lemon Law to help protect you from faulty vehicles.

    But this does not mean you are completely immune from getting swindled. Before even approaching a seller, you should research the car or model you are considering. Ignorance is not bliss in a car-buying situation. The more you know, the better your chances of not getting caught in a mechanical debacle.

    Car Buying Tips

    • Bear in mind that an expensive vehicle does not automatically translate into a good vehicle. Some pricey makes are just as prone to maintenance breakdowns as lower-priced models.
    • The best deals for new cars occur July through October, when dealerships are trying to create space for new models, and during late December when salesmen are desperately trying to reach year-end quotas.
    • If you are purchasing a used car, have an independent mechanic inspect it. Mechanical flaws in today’s electronics-filled engines are difficult to detect with untrained eyes, and damage to the chassis from an accident can be invisible.
    • Never sign a blank financial form.
    • Get all promises in writing.
    • Don’t give your driver’s license under the guise of “for insurance purposes” to a dealership while taking a test drive. While you’re wheeling around the block, the dealership could be using your license to make an unauthorized credit report.