• What is WORKS?

    Saturday and Sunday WORKS sessions on Move-In Weekend prepare you for the first day of class.

    • W: Who, What, Where, and Why
    • O: Opportunities and Obstacles
    • R: Rules and Regulations
    • K: Kits and Kitchens
    • S: Strategies for Success

    What Building Do I Report To?

    Is Attendance Required?

    Yes, attendance is mandatory for all culinary and baking students on both days of WORKS.

    What to Wear

    Dress is casual for WORKS. However, you should not wear sandals, flip flops, or any other type of open-toed shoes, as you will be in the kitchens.

    What to Bring

    • Notebook
    • Pen
    • Lock for your locker
    • Local address and telephone number
    • Vehicle license plate number if you plan to have a car on campus
    • Final official high school transcript and health history form, if not already submitted
    • Optional: for students who have successfully completed the ServSafe certification program (or the Certified Food Safety Management Course with the National Registry of Food Safety Professionals) within the last two years and wish to be exempted from taking Sanitation Management: Bring a copy of your ServSafe or National Registry of Food Safety Professionals certificate.  

    Where to Park

    Parking is available at the Academy and the Fairman Centre. You may also choose to park at a metered spot. (Parking is free on Saturdays and Sundays.)

    Transportation to WORKS on Saturday and Sunday

    If you are living in campus housing and need a ride to WORKS:

    • Saturday, van departs from the Learning Center (time to be announced)
    • Sunday, the van departs from the Fairman Centre (time to be announced)


    • Introduction to faculty and staff
    • Review of academy policies and procedures
    • Distribution of your supply package, including uniforms, textbooks, and knife kit
    • Financial aid information
    • First aid safety
    • Fire safety and procedures
    • Academic integrity 
    • Introduction to portfolios

    If You Need Help

    If you need assistance at any time during Move-in Weekend, you can reach admissions staff at 724-840-4406, 724-840-0756, or 724-464-4932.

    Welcome again to our IUP culinary family!