2010-01-20 ACPAC Minutes

  • In Attendance:  Asamoah, Blood, Branthoover, Brzycki, Chiarulli, Giever, Janosko, Lenze, McDevitt, McElroy, McFerron, O'Neil, Onyett, Pagnucci, Pankaj, Reed, Sherwood, D.Smith, J. Smith, Woodland, Yuhas.

    Excused:   Balint, Mocek, Papakie, Yost.

    Absent:  Dadson, Gillham, Kemp, Kornfeld, Van Wieren.

    Guest:  Cunningham.


    Approval of Minutes

    December 9, 2009 Meeting

    The minutes for the December 9, 2099 meeting were approved without changes.

    Co-chairs Report:

    Financial Report

    Rick McFerron reported that the current balance in SAP is $26,579.25.


    Michele Papakie will no longer be able to serve as she will be off campus for other responsibilities, including military deployment.  It was noted that her service on ACPAC has been appreciated.  A replacement form the College of Humanities & Social Sciences will be requested.


    JB Smith noted that members will be contacted regarding their interest in serving as faculty co-chair of ACPAC.  JB's second term expires at the end of this academic term.

    Standing Reports:

    Report from the Virtual Environments Coordinating Committee (Lenze)

    No report.

    Report from the Web Advisory Board (Pagnucci)

    No report.

    Report from Student Computing Subcommittee (McDevitt)

    No report.

    Report from the On-line Learning Subcommittee (Brzycki)

    No report.

    Report from the Emerging Technologies Subcommittee (Onyett)

    No report.

    Report from the Student Operations Group (Pankaj)

    A handout entitled “Password Practices” was distributed and is currently posted on the IT Support Center website (see:  Password Practicies).  It indicates recommendations for passwords on all IUP systems.  The rollout of the new guidelines will begin on 15 Feb 2010.  Passwords will be valid for 180 days.

    Report from the DE Planning and Work Group (Brzycki)

    A draft document (dated 8 Dec 09) titled “Pros and Cons of Certification” was distributed (see:  depwg-document).  This document explores a process for certifying instructors to deliver on-line courses.  Please provide feedback to Dolores Brzycki on this proposal.

    Report from the CIO office (Balint)

    Todd Cunningham provided the CIO report in Bill Balint's absence.  Regarding the Moodle project, IT Services is focused on conversion and migration from WebCT to Moodle.  Approximately 50% of faculty have converted to Moodle (256 are using Moodle, 264 are still using WebCT).  IT Services would like to make faculty aware that they must request assistance before Spring break to ensure timely conversion of the WebCT materials prior to IUP’s license expiration on June 30, 2010.  Discussion occurred addressing the mechanism to communicate with faculty regarding the need to take action in a timely manner for conversion of materials. 

    Report from Funds Review Subcommittee (McFerron)

    A report and proposal from the Funds Review Subcommittee was distributed (see Funds-report).  The proposed allocation of funds (about $25,000), is similar to  past years:  eight equal parts to each of the six academic colleges, university services faculty, and the interdisciplinary category.  The amount of $5,000 or what remains in the ACPAC fund will be reserved for ACPAC to contribute additional funds to deserving projects. 

    The following motion was passed:

    ACPAC accepts the report and proposal from the Funds Review Subcommittee for administration of the ACPAC Technological Exploration and Innovation Fund. (motion:  subcommittee; second:  Woodland).

    Announcement of the funding will be made to all faculty members immediately.  A draft of the announcement was also distributed.  The announcement explains the request for proposals for use of the ACPAC Technological Exploration and Innovation Fund.  College representatives to ACPAC are encouraged to communicate this information to their respective dean's offices.

    Reports from the Action Teams: 

    Digital Repository Team -- Sherwood, Convener 

    No report.

    E-mail Client Evaluation Team -- Onyett, Co-convener 

    No report.

    Training/Professional Development Team -- Pagnucci/Smith, Conveners 

    No report.

    Student Pictures Team -- Smith, Convener

    There was discussion about the follow-up to the letter sent to the Provost on this issue.  This matter will be brought up at the next Academic Affairs Council and reported back to ACPAC.

    Optical Test Scoring Team -- McElroy, Convener

    report from the Optical Test Scoring Team was distributed.  This Application Review lists the four possible products that were reviewed.  Remark (Scantron) is the product that the committee found most closely fits the needs of IUP.  The vendor will be onsite to demo the product on January 26, 2010.

    New Business:


    Bev Chiarulli reported that a recent Senate Library and Educational Services Subcommittee meeting included a discussion about instructors that do not pick up test results from optical test scoring.  The results accumulate at the IT Support Center.  There was discussion regarding how long the results should be kept.  It is important to keep these records until the possibility of a Grade Appeal has passed.  IT Services will follow up on this issue.

    Seats Open/Closed

    Currently, students must keep checking URSA or contact chairpersons when sections of a course are closed.  Could a “wait list” function be added in Banner?  It is understood that Banner 8 provides this functionality.  The means by which an electronic wait list would be implemented must be thoroughly reviewed and the correct criteria and parameters must be set.  For instance, course prerequisites must be considered.  Rick McFerron reported that the A-deans have discussed this issue and he will report to that group about the ACPAC interest in this matter. 

    Old Business:

    Public Access to ACPAC Website

    Discussions regarding a method of providing public access to the ACPAC Website continue.  It is not necessary to make all information available to the public.  We could possibly have a folder for public access within the ACPAC website and other information would be unavailable to the public.

    OLC Recommendation:  moodle E-mail

    handout was distributed.  The document (Moodle Research and Planning FAQ) provides answers to most common questions asked about Moodle Research and Planning topics.  This document is available on the IT Services website (http://www.iup.edu/itsupportcenter/howto.aspx?id=88694). 

    The Moodle e-mail concern has been escalated to the Provost.  IT Services has been instructed to move forward with the Moodle project and will continue to look at options to try to accommodate individual needs.  The immediate task is training and conversion.  Following the June 30, 2010 deadline, IT Services may be able to determine a better solution to the Moodle e-mail concern.  There are modules/interfaces but they do not work with our current version—IUP has the latest “stable” version of Moodle.

    SROC (Balint)

    The report from SROC (Sungard Review Oversight Committee) was linked to the last set of ACPAC minutes.  The recommendation from SROC is to purchase Degree Works, consider purchase of the Luminis portal and the Enrollment Management Suite, and not to purchase the Advanced Reporting Suite.

    Other Business:


    PASSHE has announced the selection of Desire2Learn as the approved LMS for the 11 schools that need to replace Blackboard.  It is assumed this decision will not impact IUP and its Moodle project.  Other products selected that may become available to IUP are the learning content management system, Equella, and the help desk service provider, Perceptis.

    E-mail Quota

    The increase to the e-mail quota for employees and students will become available this semester.


    The meeting was adjourned at 4:38 p.m.

    Next Meeting:  February 17, 2010


    Prepared by Rick McFerron with notes from Kim White.