The Communicator

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    The Communicator is a semi-annual newsletter published by the Department of Adult and Community Education.

    The Communicator is the newsletter for the department of Adult and Community Education. Each issue addresses news, events, students, alumni, and various other topics that concern both the Adult Education and Communications Technology program and the Adult and Community Education program. The Communicator is issued each year during the fall and spring semesters.

  • Fall 2017 Communicator
    ACE Department Fall 2017 Communicator
    The Communicator - Fall 2016
    The Fall 2016 Communicator highlights what many of our proud alumni are doing now. Including Jamaal Gosa, Theron Binder, Jeremy Dixon and more. We also introduce our new Professor Dr.Jacqueline McGinty.
    The Communicator - Spring 2016
    The Spring 2016 Communicator covers Dr. Willis' recent trip to India, introduces a new ACE faculty member and has a spotlight on retiring ARIN Program Coordinator, Dr. Elizabeth Rafferty.
    The Communicator - Fall 2015
    The Fall 2015 Communicator details the grand opening of the Humanities and Social Sciences building, puts the spotlight on ACE student Sujin Son and recaps the 2015 Spring awards.
    The Communicator - Spring 2015
    The Communicator newsletter Spring 2015 issue.
    The Communicator - Fall 2014
    The Fall 2014 issue of the Communicator newsletter.
    The Communicator - Spring 2014
    The Spring 2014 Communicator reports on the department's social media overhaul as well as showcases great opportunities that current students are taking part in.
    The Communicator - Fall 2013
    The Fall 2013 Communicator showcases various happenings around campus as well as introduces this year’s Graduate Assistants and addresses real-world statistics concerning ACE/AECT in the job market.
    The Communicator - Spring 2013
    The Spring 2013 Communicator informs on special guest speakers, alumni spotlights, academic conferences, and more.
    The Communicator - Fall 2012
    The Fall 2012 Communicator congratulates Dr. Gary Dean on his induction to the International Adult and Continuing Education (IACE) Hall of Fame and more.