Merle Klinginsmith Award for Excellence

  • Merle Klinginsmith taught graphics at Indiana University of Pennsylvania from 1966 to 1983. He had a great impact on his students. An award for excellence was created in his honor in 1984 to recognize outstanding undergraduate seniors in Communications Media and graduate students in Adult Education and Communications Technology on the basis of submitted portfolios and demonstrated academic excellence in accordance with the high standards set by Merle Klinginsmith.

    There were no awards given from 1987 to 1996, but the award was reinstated and awarded to the most qualified student in 1997 with the introduction of a new AECT program.

    The following graduates are recipients of the Merle Klinginsmith Award for Excellence:

    James Moyer, Jr., 1984
    Ronald L. Mabon, 1985
    Stephen J. Pasierb, 1986
    Jennifer Koons, 1997
    Anna Grobler, 1998
    Christina Vucinich, 1999
    Amy L. Eger, 2000
    David B. Porter, 2001
    Sean M. Sadler, 2002
    Jeffrey J. Fratangeli, 2003
    Vanessa M. Graber, 2004
    Joel Rodriguez, 2005
    Edward D. Sigworth 
    Aaron C. Yorchak, 2006
    Michael Link, 2007
    Brian Scarpiniti, 2008
    Stephanie Keppich, 2009
    Andrew Morris, 2011
    Thaddaeus Dachille, 2012
    Kelly Ekdahl, 2014
    Jenelle Dickason, 2015
    Theron Binder, 2016