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Organizations and Activities

  • IUP offers more than 200 recognized student organizations. These organizations give students the opportunity for professional development, leadership, and social interaction outside of the classroom.

    The following organizations may be of interest to students in graduate program:

    Media Promotions and Productions

    MPPA is a professional student organization dedicated to providing encouragement and support for students interested in fields related to corporate communications including training, promotions, marketing, advertising, and multimedia development. We are comprised of dedicated students who share a common goal, to learn and experience as much as possible about these diverse fields. MPPA gives students the opportunity to build a network of peers and professionals and learn valuable information they may not find in the classroom alone. Activities include field trips to related professional museums or corporate sites, guest speakers, skill development workshops and multimedia presentations.


    WIUP-FM is IUP's 1,600-watt non-commercial student-operated radio station. The station features a variety of musical formats, as well as news and public affairs programming. WIUP offers a great opportunity for students to develop professional broadcasting and public speaking skills. Organizational meetings are held at the beginning of each semester, and new students can apply at this time. For more information, check out the WIUP-FM website.


    The television station, WIUP-TV, is a campus-wide activity. The facilities include two studios, one for news and one for classroom and other productions.

    The studio was recently upgraded to digital format and includes four screenplay digital editing systems, one new state of the art media 100 digital editing system, five new digital camcorders, four new digital ENG cameras, a new digital remote broadcasting system equipped with two digital cameras, wireless headsets, and a full remote editing system, all new digital equipment for the master control room, lighting adjustments, new speakers for the master control room and studio A, major changes in news programming and re-birth of sports programming, new curtains for Studios A and B, a new digital character generator, two new digital studio cameras and repainting and repair to all the facilities.

    The station broadcasts over a cable system that has a potential audience of 100,000 people. WIUP-TV has approximately 100 students involved in management and production. The facility is student run with a faculty advisor, Dr. Jay Start. 

    Graduate Student Assembly

    Each IUP department offering a graduate program is required to establish a graduate committee and is urged, but not required, to form an association for its graduate students. On a universitywide basis, the Graduate Student Assembly (GSA) is the graduate students' organization.

    The GSA comprises two representatives elected by the full-time and part-time graduate students of the department. It serves graduate students through voting representation on the Senate Graduate Committee and the University Senate by making recommendations about graduate student affairs to the Graduate School and Research and by working through other university committees and channels to improve the social, intellectual, and cultural life of graduate students. All graduate students are encouraged and welcome to participate in GSA.