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Law and Justice System

Certificate in Unmanned Aerial Systems Science and Applications

The Certificate in Unmanned Aerial Systems Science and Applications is designed to give you the know...

Criminology Pre-law Track, BA

Information about the Criminology Pre-Law tract of the IUP department of Criminology.

Criminology, BA

Information and details about obtaining a bachelor's degree from the IUP Department of Criminology.

Cyber Security Minor

Information about the IUP Department of Criminology Cyber Security Minor

Cyber Security Track, Computer Science, BS

This track prepares students for jobs such as network administrator, information security specialist...

EconomicsPre-Law Track, BA

In the Economics/Pre-Law track, you'll sharpen your analytical skills to prepare for law school.

Geospatial Intelligence Analysis Undergraduate Certificate

The Geospatial Intelligence Undergraduate Certificate prepares you to enter the workforce as an entr...

History/Pre-Law Track, BA

The History/Pre-Law Track provides a solid preparation for law school.

Homeland Security Minor

This minor offers an added understanding of political issues both in our nation and around the world...

Philosophy/Pre-Law Track, BA

Of all the pre-law majors, philosophy majors have the highest average score on the LSAT (tied with e...

Political Science, BA, Pre-Law Track

The political science pre-law track consists of an interdisciplinary pre-law minor as well as a vari...

Political Science/​Homeland Security Track, BA

A bachelor's degree in Homeland Security, Political Science prepares you for a growing job market. T...

Pre-law Interdisciplinary Minor

The Pre-law Interdisciplinary minor prepares the student especially well in these areas and provides...

Pre-Law, English, BA

In an information-based society, the most valuable skills are reading, writing, and critical thinkin...

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