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Explore Music Analysis, Performance, and Recording

The certificate in Popular Music introduces students to the basics for the creation and reception of popular music, including performance, production, marketing, and analysis.

It is administered jointly by the Department of Music, Theatre, and Dance and the Department of Communications Media and contains courses in both departments.

Imagine Your Future

This certificate program may appeal to you if you study music, communications media, entrepreneurship, or marketing.

Graduates with a certificate in Popular Music may pursue jobs in such fields as:

  • Music journalism
  • Concert management
  • Arts administration
  • Music retail
  • Music performance
  • Studio engineer or recording technology
  • Graduate study in Music Theory or Musicology

Median Income


Available Jobs, 2020


Expected Job Growth, 2030


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Classes and Requirements

To complete this certificate, you will need to earn 10 credits of core courses and an additional nine credits of electives. These include courses in the fundamentals of music theory, audio recording, media law, popular music history, and performing ensembles.

Full Academic Catalog Listing

The course catalog is the official reference for all our degree and course offerings. Check it out for a full listing of the classes available and requirements for this degree.

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Our music ensembles include all areas relevant to music education:

  • Bands: Marching Band, Wind Ensemble, Symphony Band
  • Choirs: University Chorale, University Chorus, Chamber Singers
  • University Symphony Orchestra
  • Jazz and Popular Music Ensembles
  • Music Theater and Opera Workshops
  • Instrument family ensembles: Percussion, Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpet, Horn, Trombone, Tubaphonium, Keyboard, Vocal Repertory


Based in Cogswell Hall, the IUP Music, Theatre, and Dance Department enjoys excellent rehearsal spaces, practice rooms, faculty studios, classrooms, and a vast music library. IUP is an all-Steinway school with 93 pianos, and a full-time piano technician, and it houses the Pogorzelski-Yankee Memorial organ. Other facilities include Fisher Auditorium and Gorell Recital Hall.