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  • Learning. Experience. Your Academic Life at IUP

    Whether you arrive at IUP with a plan or no idea what you want to study, by the time you graduate, you’ll have begun to take shape as a young professional. How will the awesome transformation take place?

    You'll choose a major from 135 programs for hands-on learning in some of the hottest professional fields today: cybersecurity, accounting and finance, nursing, safety sciences, fashion merchandising, and many more... You'll be a little amazed by your Engineering students and professorprofessors. These super-smart experts in their field are friendly teachers. They like your questions, offer you research and other professional opportunities, and may suggest a good academic move you're not thinking of... Are you a geek for your major? You can live with fellow fanatics on the same floor and take some classes together too in 31 popular Living-Learning Communities in our residence halls...

    Think $mart: Apply for scholarships. Professors and staff are happy to help you. That's how Christina Bryner, an accounting-finance double major, earned a $20,000 Dell Scholarship... Start with the awesome Admissions Office scholarships for incoming in-state freshmen: Sutton Scholars and Promising Scholars...

    Be one of the hundreds of students doing Student does marketing research on eye trackingresearch with professors. The university landed over $1 million more in research grants last year... Any of your professors may ask you to help with a research project, like this marketing study on eye tracking... Next thing you know, you're traveling to a conference to present your work, like chemistry-biology double major Becki Beadling did with Professor Charles Lake... You might even do your own complete study under the guidance of a professor. Guided by Professor John Mills, psychology major Sultan Magruder conducted his own research study on interpersonal behavior, and this helped him get into graduate school... 

    Learn on the job: IUP is internship intensive. These great learning experiences are built into the curriculum of many majors, and the Career Development Center provides you with an awesome database of internships. In addition, professors often recommend students to companies...  Career expos and job fairs bring employers to IUP. Dress sharp!...

    Studying abroad shows you're thinking globally—a key marketing angle in today's job market... Service learning gets you credits--and credentials!... Volunteering in one of our 200+ student organizations also gives you experience. Leadership looks good on you.

    So you see, with almost every step, you’ll get the knowledge and hands-on experience to make you a standout candidate in the eyes of employers or graduate schools... You'll find your success!

    Megan Henry Loves IUP

    Why I Love IUP

    “There are many opportunities at IUP. I went to Turkey with the Honors College, to Italy to study art history, and to Spain as part of my Spanish major.”

    Megan Henry, Class of 2014
    Double major in art education and Spanish; studio minor in ceramics; Cook Honors College student

    Why I Love IUP: Student Stories