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Start of Academic Year 2012-13: Photos, Videos

  • Scenes from Move-In Days, the community cookout, and Welcome Weekend and speeches from the Academic Year Opening Program and Convocation share the energy of the past week as students arrived and IUP came together to launch the new year.

    Freshman Convocation 450

    The Oak Grove was packed for the Convocation cookout on Sunday, August 26. See photos of the cookout, move-in days, and Welcome Weekend activities.


    At the Academic Year Opening Program, President Michael Driscoll said "IUP is the place to be" and recapped the university's many recent success stories, including over $9 million in external research grants. He said he'll hold a series of discussions with stakeholders on and off campus and shared a story about a visit from a parent. The program was held on Friday, August 24, in Fisher Auditorium.

    At Convocation, President Michael Driscoll told new IUP students that freedom "is a wonderful thing. Using it wisely is what can separate those who succeed from those who do not." He encouraged students to be "focused, informed, and involved" and told the stories of successful alumni Chad Hurley, cofounder of YouTube; Susan Snyder, Pulitzer Prize-winning news reporter; and David Concannon, who has explored the Titanic.

    At Convocation, English professor Ben Rafoth told new IUP students gathered at Convocation that it's common to ask, "Will I fit in? Did I make the right decision to come to IUP?" He said this is "not just a personal matter," but instead, "a person matter. You also have to look outward, to the persons around you, to discover how you can learn and benefit from this place and the people who are here with you."

    At Convocation, Andrew Longacre, student member of the Council of Trustees, told students to "make choices here that benefit yourself in the long run. Your choices will be one of the most important lessons you learn at IUP."