Orientation Leaders

  • This Fall, we will welcome nearly 3,000 new students to IUP. Orientation Leaders (OLs) make the difficult transition to college life easier by helping students learn about all that IUP has to offer. By talking with students and facilitating programs, OLs help students become aware of academic expectations and the campus environment.

    The following students are OLs for the 2013 Welcome Weekend program:

    Chris Abare, Fine Arts
    Courtney Allen, Food and Nutrition 
    Gretchen Bence, Nursing and Allied Health
    Elliott Benner, Criminology†*
    Sara Bischof, Human Development and Environmental Studies
    Danielle Bolen, Developmental Studies
    Camille Canty, Food and Nutrition
    Taylor Christy, Interior Design*
    Hannah Church, Foreign Languages
    Julie Coyne, Criminology*
    Zach Daigle, Management
    Jessie Dalrymple, Psychology
    Brianna Dawson, Nursing* 
    Karina Dorville, History
    Tiffany Fox, Criminology
    Rebecca Hasse, Geoscience
    Kori Hahn, Mathematics
    MacKenzie Hoerl, Biology
    LaToya Hylton, Political Science
    Julie Perri, Management
    Snigdha Kapoor,
    Kristy King, Psychology
    Jessany Knapp, Special Education and Clinical Services
    Briana Kramer, Criminology
    Sara Lieb, Natural Science and Mathematics
    Danni Liu, Hospitality Management
    Zafire Maldonado, Psychology
    Courtney Mandoske, Theater and Dance
    Kaitlyn McGilvray, Thater and Dance
    Allison Moore, Nursing and Allied Health
    Kate Nescott, Early Childhood/Special Education*
    Aysia Pierce, Management
    Shane Pirl, Exercise Science*
    Miguel Reyes, Management
    Kerry Rice, Food and Nutrition
    Jada Richardson, Journalism
    Jemika Robinson, Nursing and Allied Health
    Kirsten Sawtelle, Biochemistry
    Amanda Schiff, Human Development and Environmental Studies
    Stephanie Schrider, Human Development and Environmental Studies
    Alyssa Sciremammano, Criminology
    Shanaya Shoats, Human Development and Environmental Studies
    Tieshay Skinner, Psychology
    Travis Spagnolo, Safety Science*
    Amanda Stamm, English Education†*
    Jessica Stewart, Education 
    Natalie Sweitzer, Criminology†*
    Jonathon Thompson, Communications Media*
    Sam Tuchin, Criminology†*
    Ruth Walker, Biology
    Erica Weinelt, Hospitality Management
    Jennifer Wendel, Food and Nutrition
    Tiffany Weston, Journalism
    Briana Whitehead, Human Development and Environmental Studies
    Jake Williams, Journalism
    Jasmine Woods,  Human Development and Environmental Studies
    Wenxi Yang, English
    Lindsey Young,  Nursing and Allied Health

    *denotes prior Orientation Leader
    †denotes Head Orientation Leader