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“Promoting Your Department Using News and Events”: Session Outline

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    Promotion/Communication Strategy

    • Promote the whole website and IUP
    • Show, don’t tell
    • CMS provides one place to keep content and the ability to reuse and repurpose it
    • What the Communications office does with your news and events posts
    • Why you need to promote your department
    • How to promote your department

    Create a Hub

    • A hub is a single page or section of the website to which we drive user traffic for an event.
    • Why have a hub?
      • Gives us one page to promote to search engines
      • Central location to make changes
      • Central location for information, pictures, video, registration form
      • Splitting links among more than one news item will result in a lower search-engine page rank

    Scenario One: Announcing an Achievement

    • News page will be hub.
    • Post Ferguson news post from the page you bookmarked
    • What happened? Where all did your news post go?
    • Web traffic will come from these outlets to your hub

    Checklist for Successful News Posts


    • Provide context
      • Event background
      • Department background
      • Highlighted faculty, staff background
      • Explain unfamiliar terms
    • Use an effective title and summary
      • Incorporate keywords
      • Avoid acronyms and abbreviations
      • Keep in mind appearance in mobile devices, search-engine results, other
    • Use styles
      • Introduction style
      • Headings
    • Make useful links
      • Link to your website/hub
      • Use quicklinks when appropriate
      • Link keywords
    • Put the news first
      • Answer who, what, when, where, why
      • Remember the inverted pyramid

    Write a Better News Post

    • Post revised Ferguson news post from bookmarked page
    • Include photo, links, styles

    What Gets You Found on Google

    • Link popularity, keywords, more
    • Optimized page example
    • Single hub

    Scenario Two: Promoting a One-Time Event

    Scenario Three: Promoting a Big One-Time Event

    • Create hub page under Events folder (Common Freshman Reader lecture information from bookmarked page)
    • Add Event Details box
    • Post two news items, also with Details box (“Strickland to Give Lecture,” “Strickland to Be Honored” from bookmarked page)
    • Add calendar event(s) with link to hub

    Event Communications Schedule

    Creating a communication schedule helps you to plan exactly when to carry out each publicity task, keep track of who’s doing what so that work isn’t duplicated, and keep track of what has been completed, so nothing is missed.

    • See sample schedule (Event communication schedule for Common Reader lecture from bookmarked page)
    • Implement a communications schedule for an upcoming event of your department/office

    Other Scenarios

    • Huge, ongoing events
    • Your hub may involve multiple pages, including a registration page.
    • You may need several news posts.
    • Series of Events/Repeating Events (for example, film series, lecture series, trainings)

    What Upcoming Events Do You Have?

    • Discuss upcoming events and needs
    • Plan what type of web presence is needed
    • Ask questions