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Previewing Content

  • Preview your content before submitting it!

  • With PageBuilder, what you see when editing a page is pretty much what the page will look like when published. This means that previewing a page is mostly automatic.

    There are two ways to preview content: from within the web editor, or through the Web browser.

    Preview in the Web Browser

    Note: Add your content to a menu before you attempt to preview it in the Web browser. All HTML content should be included in a menu (except news items, which are never placed into the menu). Placement on the correct menu allows you to find your content and preview it more easily. See How to Work with Menus for more information.

    To use preview mode, follow this process:

    1. After you are finished editing your content, click the Checkin button on the top toolbar.
      Check In icon
      (Checking in your content makes it accessible to others with editing privileges on your site but does not move the content into the workflow.)

    2. Go to the browser view (the one in which you’re logged in). You should see the following buttons.
      Post-login buttons 

    3. Click Preview. You will notice that the magnifying glass turns into a red arrow, and the colored boxes no longer appear around content on the page.

    4. Use the menu to navigate to your content. You will see the preview of how it will appear on the site.

    5. If the previewed content needs editing, go back to the workarea and edit the page. When you are finished, preview it again if you have made changes or submit it for approval.
      (Hint: Previewing while you edit is a great time-saver).

    6. To exit preview mode, go back to the browser view, and click Preview again. The red arrow will turn into a magnifying glass. You will notice that only published content is now visible and the content-block outlines will appear.

    Preview While Editing

    When editing a piece of content, the Preview icon is located just to the right of the Save icon (which you should never use—always Check In or Submit).

    Preview icon

    Clicking the Preview icon will open a new window to let you see the content as it would appear on the website. This option lets you observe actual changes to Web.

    Note: Brand-new content that has never been checked in nor submitted will not display the Preview icon. This option only becomes available if the content is opened for editing a second time.

    Calendar events do not have a preview option while being edited.

    Note: Content items that you have added through Metadata, such as collections, carousel slideshows, Learn More blocks, etc., will not appear in preview mode until the content item to which they were added has been published. Carousel slideshows and Learn More blocks also need to be approved before they appear in the browser, whether in regular or preview mode.