Sticky News

  • Only news posts will appear in Sticky News.

    Although regular Web pages can be added to the Sticky News collection, they will not appear on your News page.

  • Have you seen a news post on another department or office website that you would like in your own News section? Or maybe you would like to “pin” one of your own news posts to the top of the Recent News box and your site’s main News page?

    You can do this with Sticky News.

    Sharing another department’s news is great. However, posting a duplicate news post is something that really needs to be avoided. Having two or more posts about the same topic may end up providing inaccurate information if one post is updated but the other is not. It also splits up  Web traffic (which can result in a lower search-engine page rank) and may create confusion if more than one page is offering the same information.

    Instead, using Sticky News lets you display a news item from anywhere on the IUP site without needing to actually make a news post.

    Add a Sticky News Post:

    Sticky News works just like a collection.

    • Log into staging, and go to your main news page in the staging web browser.
    • Converted Websites:
      Click on “switch to edit” in the toolbar at the top of the page.
      Switch to Edit button in top-of-page toolbar
    • Add Items choice in the Collection content boxThe Sticky News collection is located at the top of the page. Whether or not it contains any news, it will still show a box when you hover over it.
      • Converted websites will show a black box with the title “Collection.” Click the menu icon at the top right of the box (three horizontal lines) and choose “Add Items.”
      • Unconverted websites will show a green box around the collection's news items (or around the words "no items" if the collection is empty). Right-click within the green box and choose “Add Items.”
    • The workarea will now open to that collection.
    • Click the Add Items button at the top of the new window. Then, using the folders in the right-hand pane, navigate through the IUP website until you find the news item you want. Check the box next to that item’s title, and click the Add button at top.

    Correct location of Sticky News folder

    The selected news item(s) will now appear at the top of your News page and will remain there until you remove it from the collection. It will also appear at the top of the Recent News box on your site’s homepage. This post will be in addition to the news items that appear in that box.*

    You can also do this with your own news posts: for instance, if there are news posts that you want to receive attention but which keep getting pushed down the list by new posts. Just add this post to the Sticky News collection, and it will remain on top until you remove it from the collection. 

    Note: If you add a news post from your own news feed, it will appear twice—once in the Sticky News collection, and once in its regular position. This applies to both the Recent News box and your site’s main News page.

    * If there are no news posts at all on your website and you add a Sticky News post, you may see some odd code appear above the Recent News box on your homepage. If this happens, please submit an ihelp ticket so the Web Team can assist you.