Delete a News Item

  • Before Deleting, Do a Link Search

    Make sure that no other content on the IUP site are quicklinked to this page.

  • Use caution when deleting news items.

    Only delete items when you need to, not just if they are outdated. As a general rule, only delete items that are older than 18 months. A history of news items on your site shows that your department or office is active and allows visitors, such as potential students, to see what you have done before.

    However, you may want to delete a news item if it is causing confusion, such as if you have a recurring event and have multiple news items with very similar information. In that case, it may be best to delete the old news item.

    Deleting a News Item

    Deleting a news item is simple. First, click on the content within its folder, “[Unit Name] News.” Then, when it opens for viewing, click the trashcan icon. Confirm when prompted that you want to delete this item.

    If you are an author, the request for deletion will be submitted to your site’s approver. If you are an approver, the request will go to the Web Team. When an item is marked for deletion, its status will be noted with an “M.”

    All requests will go to the Web Team for actual deletion. If an item is marked and does not fulfill the above requirements for deletion, the Web Team may contact you prior to deleting the item.