Removing Items from a Menu

  • Webpages will sometimes be moved from one folder to another. When that happens, the menus of both folders must be updated. If a page is removed from a folder, it also must be removed from that folder’s menu.

    A menu must contain all of the webpages that are within the same folder, plus the single main page of each immediate subfolder. For details, please see How the Menu System Works.

    Removing Items from a Menu

    Menu items are edited from the Web browser.
    Note: You must be logged into Staging and not be in Preview mode.

    1. From the menu on the right side of the browser, click Edit Menu. Edit the menu 
    2. The contents of the menu will appear in the workarea. Click the Remove Items icon (below). Remove Items icon
    3. The Remove buttonThe Remove Items screen will appear in the workarea. Place a checkmark by the item(s) that need to be removed, then click the Remove button at top.
    4. The Back iconThe next screen will still be the Remove Items screen. To add items to or reorder the menu, click the Back icon (right). 
    5. If you are finished editing the menu, click on the Folders tab at the left to return to the CMS folder list (below).  The Folders tab

    Note: When a webpage is deleted it will automatically be removed from the menu