• Menu navigation is a critical element of the IUP website. Here is everything that web maintainers need to know about creating and editing menus.

    Note: If an existing page is renamed, the name change will not take effect on the menu until the page is published.

    If your website has been converted: The latest update to the IUP website resulted in menu creation and maintenance being automatic—web maintainers no longer need to worry about adding items to menus or requesting that new menus be created. When a new page layout is created, Ektron automatically adds it to the menu (and creates a user-friendly URL, called an alias, at the same time.)

  • Create a New Menu
    Create additional menus to navigate to content you have added to your site.
    Edit or Add Items to a Menu
    As you add content or change content on your site, you will need to change the menu as well.
    How the Menu System Works
    Consistent navigation is key so that site visitors are not confused.
    Removing Items from a Menu
    If a page is removed from a folder, it also must be removed from that folder’s menu.