• Quicklinks, hyperlinks, e-mail links, and more. Making them is easy, but each is created in a particular way.

  • Hyperlinks
    You can add a link from your content to another website.
    E-mail Links
    You can add a link within your content that will open a new e-mail message addressed to a specific recipient.
    How to make links to other pages within the IUP content management system
    Bookmarks Anchors
    Bookmarks are especially helpful for webpages with lots of content.
    Web URLs for Aliases and Campaigns
    Useful for print campaigns or for sites that need easy links
    Images With Long Descriptions
    Images that contain a lot of information (graphs, maps, organizational charts, etc.) need a way to convey their information to the disabled community, especially those who use screen readers to understand a webpage.
    Personnel Pages
    It’s easy to add links to personal faculty and staff web pages on the main Personnel (or Faculty and Staff) page.