• Make certain that the image you want to upload does not contain any punctuation in the filename. Commas, apostrophes, etc., can cause the image to not show up properly on the page. Edit the filename before uploading the image.

  • Size Images for the IUP Templates
    Recommended image sizes for the IUP templates and instructions on resizing your images.
    Insert an Image on a Page
    Adding images to your website is recommended, as it adds variety to your page. Here’s how to place an image from the Ektron Library into your content.
    Add an Image to the Library
    Upload your own image to the Library to use on a page.
    Add IUP Stock Photography to Your Page
    Use the Library feature to insert images into a content block.
    Overwrite an Image
    Overwrite an image on your website without having to make any changes to the page(s) where the image appears.
    Photo Gallery: Converted
    Converted websites will use this process to create photo galleries
    Photo Gallery: Unconverted
    How to create a gallery of photos for an unconverted (original) IUP website
    Personnel Pages
    The Smart Form used for Personnel (or Faculty and Staff) pages has the option to add photos of the individuals.
    Carousel Slideshow
    You can place a carousel on any webpage, creating a slideshow of photographs that can display from one to four images at a time.
    Resizing Photos
    It is always best to resize your images before you upload them to your Ektron library. This gives you better control over the reduction process and ensures that your website visitors are not downloading unnecessarily large images.
    Images With Long Descriptions
    Images that contain a lot of information (graphs, maps, organizational charts, etc.) need a way to convey their information to the disabled community, especially those who use screen readers to understand a webpage.