Photo Gallery: for Unconverted Websites

  • Warning!

    Image file names that contain punctuation will not show up properly on the website!

    Be certain the file name does not contain commas, apostrophes, etc. before uploading the image.

  • Before You Get Started

    There are two steps you need to take before you create the gallery:

    1. Resize your images before you upload them into Ektron.
      For the gallery, we recommend 640 pixels wide for horizontal images and 480 pixels wide for vertical images. Images can be smaller; 640 pixels is the maximum width. For guidance in resizing images, see How to Size Images for the IUP Templates.
    2. Put the gallery folder in the right place.
      Photo galleries will only display images that are in a single folder. As images cannot be moved from folder to folder, make sure you create the folder in the right place. We recommend that you contact the Web Team before creating this folder. Images cannot be moved from folder to folder, so if the location of the folder needs to change, all of the images would need to be uploaded again.

    Photo galleries will display every image located within the same folder where the gallery page is located! We recommend having a dedicated folder for each photo gallery so that unwanted images are not displayed.

    How to Create a Photo Gallery:

    Make a Folder

    In the Workarea, create a folder where the photo gallery will reside (see note above about folder placement).

    1. Click on the folder in which you want to create the gallery folder.
    2. On the right-hand side, hover over New and choose Folder.
    3. In the Edit Properties window, click on the Template tab.
    4. Set the default template to gallery.aspx.
      1. Uncheck "Inherit parent configuration," then click Okay in the next box.
      2. From the drop-down "Select Template" menu at the bottom, choose "gallery.aspx"
      3. Click on the Plus sign to the right of the Template choice menu.
      4. Check the radio button next to "gallery.aspx" to make it the default template for this folder.
    5. Click Add Folder at the top. (If the folder was created before this edit, the button will say "Update")

    Upload your images

    Here’s how to upload images.

    • Remember to correctly size the photos before uploading to the CMS library.
    • Titles of photos will become their descriptions in the photo gallery. Describe the photos as you like, but note that there is a 200-character limit, including spaces.
    • Images appear alphabetically or numerically. If the photos need to appear in a certain order, you will need to place numbers or letters at the very beginning of the title to help sort them.

    Make the Gallery Page

    1. Go back to the Content tab along the top of the Workarea.
    2. On the left side of your Workarea, navigate to the folder where you uploaded your images.
    3. You will now create the content item (web page) that will serve as your gallery. On the right side of your Workarea, go to New > HTML Content.
    4. Give your photo gallery page an appropriate title and summary.
    5. Go to the Template tab on the far right. If gallery.aspx is not displayed, click the drop-down menu and change the template to gallery.aspx. (If this option is not available, contact the Web Team at
    6. Check-in the gallery page, and then preview it in the Web browser on staging.
      1. Be sure to add the gallery page to the menu in the folder directly above the gallery’s location. For more info, see How the Menu System Works.
    7. Submit the gallery page when ready.