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Add a Carousel to a Page Template

  • Using the home.aspx template? Here’s how to add a Carousel to a home page

    • If your website has been converted to the new, responsive design, please do NOT follow the procedure on this page. Instead, add the carousel to the page layout.

    Learn more about working with templates

  • All carousels are placed on pages using the metadata tab of the page on which they are placed.

    Note: If this page previously contained a ViewMaster, see Adding a Carousel to a Home Template.

    Full-Width Carousel

    To add a full-width carousel to a webpage with the page.aspx template, add the carousel to the LearnMore block on the metadata tab.

    Half- or Quarter-Width Carousel

    Adding a half- or quarter-width carousel to a regular webpage (one that does not use the home.aspx template) currently requires more work than web maintainers are normally asked to do. For that reason, if you want such carousels added to a regular webpage, contact the Web Team at for assistance.

    Before contacting the Web Team, you should do everything else prior to placing the carousel: