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  • Every piece of content in the CMS must have a summary. Summaries show up in many places on the IUP site and in search engines.

    Summaries appear in collections, plus they show up underneath the page title in a Web search, and also with news post headlines.

    If you don’t add a summary, Ektron will do it for you—and it probably won’t be pretty. That’s because Ektron will just grab the first 300 or characters of the content, whether or not it makes any sense.

    As any piece of content can appear in a collection or through a search, even PDFs and other non-html files, everything needs to have a summary included. Be sure to add one when the content is created (and check it when the page is updated to make sure it’s still current).

    Here are some ways summaries can be useful:

    • They tell people what they’ll find if they follow the link.
    • They can act as a teaser to get people to follow the link.
    • They supplement a good title. Don’t just recycle or reword the title to create a summary; give an additional, useful piece of information.

    Example: Working with Links on the IUP Website 

    Remember: You may not be using an item in a collection or table of contents, but if someone else adds it to a collection, that summary will appear.