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Create FAQ Content

  • Those who have done research on the Internet are probably familiar with FAQ content, or Frequently Asked Questions.

    An FAQ page should already be created for you on your website; all you need to do is type in the question and answer. But if you need to add a new FAQ page, follow these steps:

    1. In the CMS Workarea, click the Content tab and navigate to the content folder where you want to create the new content.
      Content tab
    2. Hover over New, then mouse over Smart Form and select FAQ.

      If the FAQ smart form is not available, contact the Web Team—we can easily add it to your options.
    3. Enter the title for your FAQ content, the same as you would for an ordinary content block.
    4. You will see a form where you enter your question and your answer. There is no need to format the text, as formatting is done automatically.
    5. Click on the +FAQ icon to add each question and answer.
    6. Complete the information under the other tabs (Summary, Metadata, etc.) as you would for any content block (see How to Add Content).
    7. Check the page in and preview it in the Web browser (be sure to add it to the menu first so you can find it. When you are satisfied with the new content, press the icon labeled Submit.