Display a Collection on Your Page

  • Once you have created a collection, you will need to add it into the metadata of the page on which you want it to display.

    To Display the Collection on a Webpage:

    1. Make a note of the exact name of the collection to be displayed.
    2. In the CMS Workarea, navigate to the page where you want the collection to appear.
    3. Click the Edit button, and wait for the content to open.
    4. Click on the Metadata tab and go to the Collection Block.
    5. Click on Edit. The Select Collection screen will come up. This multi-page screen contains all the collections available on the website. They are in alphabetical order, and there is no search function. This is why you need to know the exact name of the collection. At the bottom right of each page is a box where you can enter a page number, so you can start narrowing down your search to locate the collection.
    6. Once you have found the collection, click once on the collection title. The collection will appear at the bottom of the screen with a checked box to the left of it.
    7. Click on Add Selection. The collection block you selected will be added to the Collection Block on the metadata tab.
    8. Check in or submit the content item as appropriate.

    Note: Collections, as well some other content that you add to the page on the Metadata tab, will not appear in the browser, even in preview mode, until the content item to which it was added has been published.

    Normally, the title of a collection will not appear on the webpage. However, if more than one collection is displayed on a page, then the collection titles will appear, as well as the collection's description (if it has one). In this case, the collection titles (and/or descriptions) should be edited so as to make sense to site visitors.

    To Edit a Collection:

    • In the folder where the collection is located, hover over View and choose Collection.
    • Click on the collection to view its contents.
    • Click on the Properties icon, just to the left of the “Language” dropdown menu.
    • Click the Edit button. Here, you can edit the title and/or the description (but remember, these will only appear if more than one collection is being displayed on a single page).
      • Do not do anything with the Template field, nor change the two checkboxes at the bottom.
    • When finished, click Update. 

    To Remove a Collection from a Page:

    Just as you can make a collection appear on your page using the metadata, you can also remove it from your page using the metadata.

    1. In the Workarea, navigate to the main content block of the page on which the collection displays.
    2. Open the content block for editing.
    3. Click on the Metadata tab and go to the Collection Block.
    4. Click on Clear, and the collection will be removed from the metadata. (If you wish to add another collection(s) in addition to the one already there, click on Edit, and follow steps five through eight above.
    5. Submit the content item as appropriate.

    Note: You should remove the collection from the page(s) on which it is displayed before deleting the collection itself. Deleting a collection that is being displayed on active webpages tends to create problems on those pages.