Create a Collection

  • To create a collection, you will need to go into the Workarea.

    1. Go to the Workarea.
    2. In the Workarea, on the left side of the screen, navigate to the folder where you want to create the collection.
    3. On the right side of the Workarea, hover over New and go to Collection. The “Add Collection” screen will come up.
    4. Enter a title for the collection in the Title field.
      Important: Make a note of the collection title, as you will need to recall it when the collection is added to a page.
    5. Leave the Template field empty.
    6. Add a description of the collection in the Description field, if you wish. Collection titles and descriptions show on the website only when a page displays more than one collection. 
    7. Check the box to Include subfolders. This lets you add items from other folders than the one you’re in.
    8. Do not check Approval is required.
    9. Click on the Save button at the top. The View Collection screen will come up.
    10. Click the Add Items button.
    11. Navigate to the first content item you wish to add to your collection. Check the box to the left of it and click again on the Add button at the top. The item has been added to your collection.
    12. Repeat the process to add more items.
    13. To remove an item that you added, click on the minus sign icon at the top (see below), check the box to the left of the content item you want to remove, and click the Delete icon (trash can) at the top.
      Minus icon for collections