CMS Basic Training

  • This document is available at A PDF of the slides from this training session is also available.

    Before You Begin

    Open up in your browser, then add it to your favorites.

    Our Goals

    This session aims to help you

    • Understand the new website’s strategy and goals
    • Understand and use the workflow features of Ektron
    • Get your content organized for the transition to the CMS
    • Use Ektron to create and update your website

    Ektron: a Content Management System, or CMS

    CMS: an online system that lets us collect content (text and images) from all over the university and centrally control its presentation and publication.

    1. Why Are We Changing the Website?

    IUP has undertaken a multi-year project to redesign and refocus the website around two major goals:

    Admissions: Admit the most qualified students we can.

    Retention: Help those students complete their degree.

    Audiences for the IUP Website

    • Focus Audiences
      • Prospective Students and Their Parents
      • Current Students
    • Important but not our main focus
      • Alumni and Donors
      • IUP Faculty and Staff
      • Leaders in Government and Industry
      • Faculty and Staff at Other Institutions

    Typical Questions Asked by Prospective Students and Their Parents

    • How much will this cost?
    • What can I study?
    • Can I get a job when I graduate?

    Typical Questions Asked by Current Students

    • How do I register for classes?
    • Can I get help with this assignment?
    • Can I get an internship this summer?

    Questions students probably don’t ask (at least not first thing)

    • Who is the director of this office?
    • What division is this office in?
    • What is your mission statement?
    • What does your building look like?

    Think from the audience’s perspective as you work. Help your audiences find the answers they need.

    2. Workflow

    A series of approvals to make sure the new content is ready for publication.

    Why are we doing this? Workflow will help departments, offices, and IUP better manage what goes on the website.

    FrontPage Workflow:

    • Make a change.
    • Change goes live.

    Ektron Author Workflow:

    • Make a change.
    • Unit approval
    • IUP approval (Web Team)
    • Change goes live.

    Ektron Approver Workflow:

    • Make a change.
    • IUP approval (Web Team)
    • Change goes live.

    Your unit’s criteria for approving content are up to you.

    Web Team Criteria for Approving Content

    • Correct punctuation, grammar, and spelling
    • Factual accuracy
    • University style
    • Appropriate for audience
    • Following the templates

    Server Setup

    Servers are the computers where our websites live.

    Training server: Available only on campus or by VPN. This is where we train.

    Staging server: Available only on campus or by VPN. This is where we build the site.

    Production server: (after the preview period, this server will move to What the world sees when viewing the IUP website. 

    How do we get things out to the world?

    Newspaper model, with this daily schedule:

    • 2:00 p.m.—Deadline for content changes
    • 4:00 a.m.—Everything on Staging Server copied to Production Server.

    Workflow FAQ

    How to Use the Workflow

    3. Site Organization

    A September 2007 survey of more than a thousand students, staff, and faculty revealed the number one complaint about our current website to be: “I can’ t find anything!”

    Creating a new, audience-oriented organizational scheme for the whole site is an important part of the redesign.

    Stamats has helped us create a new site map to help our focus audiences better find what they are looking for.

    Each unit is asked to organize its content along similar lines. Your starter site already has a collection of standard folders available for your use. Use of these standard categories and labels will help our users find things more easily sitewide.

    If you aren’t sure where something goes, ask! This is a great opportunity to slim down your websites.

    Plan, then build. Your content inventory is your key planning document.

    How to Put Your Content in the Right Place

    Take a look at the sample content inventory (Download it onto your desktop). We’ll build the “About” section of this site.

    Road map for building a section of a site:

    1. Log in, tour the site and Workarea.
    2. Examine how the “About” section is built.
    3. Create pages, cut and paste content.
    4. Add a table of contents.
    5. Add a summary and additional content blocks.
    6. Add menus.
    Sample content inventory 

    4. The Browser and the Workarea

    Task 1: Log in, tour the site and Workarea

    1. Log in to the Training server.
    2. Navigate to the Geography site.
    3. Open the Workarea.
    4. Find the folder where content for the Geography site is stored.
    5. Click around and explore (It’s the Training server; you can’t hurt anything).

    What’s the difference between the Workarea and the live site?

    In the Workarea, you just see content. On the site, templates format your content to match the site’s look and feel.

    While building your site, it helps to keep both the browser and the Workarea open.

    Next: Find the Webology __ site in the browser and the Webology __ folder in the Workarea. That’s where we’ll build our site section.

    How to Log in to Ektron

    Login Page: 

    How to Access the CMS Using the Browser

    How to Access the CMS Using the Workarea

    Sitemap for Geography and Regional Planning “About” section

    5. Building a Site Section

    Task 3a: Create pages, cut and paste content

    1. Find your assigned page on the inventory (one of the testimonials).
    2. Open the Workarea and navigate to your unit’s About folder.
    3. Create a new page in the About folder.
    4. Cut and paste information from the old site to the new. (Use the Paste Text button. It also helps to have several browsers open.)
    5. Check in (don’t submit).

    How to Cut and Paste Content from Another Web Page 

    How to Add Content Using the Workarea

    Style Guide for Content Contributors




    Task 4: Add a Table of Contents

    1. Follow the directions to add a table of contents to your page.
    2. (Then take it off if it doesn't belong on that page.)
    3. Edit, check in, preview.

    How to Create a Table of Contents

    How to Preview Content

    Task 3b: Add links and images

    1. Open up your content for editing.
    2. Add any needed links.
    3. Add any needed images.
    4. Check in, preview (Don’t submit).

    Best practice when working in Ektron:

    1. Edit
    2. Check in
    3. Preview
    4. Submit

    How to Work with Links 

    How to Work with Images

    How to Add IUP Stock Photography to Your Page 

    Task 5: Add a Summary, Address, and Hours

    For each of your new pages:

    1. Set the summary to something useful.
    2. Set the address block.
    3. Set the hours block.
    4. Edit, check in, preview, submit.

    How to Change a Page’s Summary 

    How to Work with Addresses 

    How to Work with Office Hours 

    How the menu system works

    • If there is a menu in the folder, it is displayed.
    • Otherwise, the menu from the folder above is displayed.

    Task 6: Create a Menu for Your New Content

    1. Create menus for “Facilities” and “Testimonials.” 
    2. Add the pages to it.
    3. Make sure the order of pages creates a “home” for each set of pages.

    Guide: The Menu System 

    How to Add Items to or Edit a Menu

    How to Create a Menu

    Task 7: Add a Collection

    1. Open the About folder.
    2. Choose View > Collection.
    3. Add a collection.
    4. Add items.
    5. Change the metadata of the About page to point to your new collection.

    How to Work with Collections

    Log in to Staging

    This is where you’ll build your site.

    Login page:

    6. Advanced Topics

    Task 8: Examine the Home Page

    1. View the home page.
    2. Find where the following items can be changed:
    • Address
    • Hours
    • Upcoming events
    • News
    • Highlights
    • Main content
    • Banner image
    • Headline

    Guide: The IUP Templates 

    How to Add a Banner Image at the Top of Your Page

    How to Work with News Items

    How to Work with Events/Calendar

    Guide: Workarea Tabs

    Additional Features

    1. IUP Only folder
    2. PDFs/Acrobat files
    3. Word/Office documents
    4. ViewMaster slideshows
    5. Inside IUP

    How to Add a Word-Processing Document 

    How to Add a Link to a File 

    How to Create a ViewMaster Slideshow

    7. Next Steps and Where to Learn More

    How do you handle it all? Use fewer pages, at least for now.

    Next Steps

    1. Plan your site, using the content inventory.
    2. Cut and paste your current content into the new site.
    3. Create the needed menus.
    4. Add images.
    5. Let us know if you need help—or if you’re ready to go live.

    Everything we did today is documented in the links on this outline. (Every one of those pages is printable, too.)

    Don’t forget: Build your site on the Staging server:

    (You won’t be able to make changes to your unit site on Training. For the next week or more, you can work on the Webology __ site where you trained, just to practice, but those sites will be cleaned periodically for future training sessions.)

    More help is available from the following sources:

    Open Sessions: Fridays 10:00 a.m. – Noon, Suites on Grant Lower, Suite G41. (Just e-mail or call to let us know you’re coming.)