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Frequently Asked Questions

These are the questions that are most frequently asked in the Veterans Affairs Office. If you need further information beyond what is offered here, please feel free to contact us.

What are the academic/training programs offered through IUP for which students are eligible to receive GI Bill benefits?

The academic/training programs approved for GI Bill usage are:

  • Any course(s) leading toward a standard (associate, bachelor, master’s, or doctorate) degree at IUP for which students receive academic credit.
  • ACT 120/Police Academy
  • IUP Culinary Arts Academy
  • Internships (amount of entitlement depends on how many credits the internship carries and whether or not this internship is required as part of your degree program)

What is the training time required to be considered full-time?


Standard College Degrees

  • Full time — 12 credits or more (nine credits for graduate students)
  • 3/4 time — 9 to 11 credits
  • 1/2 time — 6 to 8 credits
  • 1/4 time — 3 to 5 credits

Summer Sessions

  • Full-time — generally 4 credits or more in one summer session
  • Summer MHA rates for post-9/11 GI Bill recipients are calculated based on your training time (full-time, 3/4 time, or 1/2 time) in each summer session

Non-College Degrees

  • Full-time — 40 hours/week
  • Part-time — 13 hours/week


How do I make sure my benefits are continued from year to year?

If you experience a break in enrollment greater than 30 days (excluding summer enrollment), you must notify the IUP Office of Veterans Affairs that you are returning to IUP in order to reactivate your benefits; however, if you enroll continuously each academic year, you are not required to notify the Office of Veterans Affairs, and your enrollment certifications will be automatically sent to the VA each semester.

What should I do if I plan to take classes in the summer or winter sessions?

If you plan to take summer or winter session classes, it is not necessary to notify the IUP Office of Veterans Affairs unless you do not wish to receive benefits during these terms. Enrollment certifications are automatically processed each semester of a student’s enrollment.

How does my College Fund or GI Bill “kicker” work?

Simply apply for the GI Bill by following the regular application procedures. Your benefits will be processed in the same manner that regular GI Bill payments are processed. When your benefit check is processed each month by the Regional Veterans Affairs Office, the additional College Fund “kicker” will automatically be included, and no additional steps are necessary.

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