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English, Pre-Law Track (B.A.)

B.A., English,
Pre-Law Track

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

What You’ll Do

In an information-based, global society, the most valuable skills are reading, writing, and critical thinking, and the most valuable knowledge is knowledge of culture and language.

Couple that knowledge with a specialized program of study designed to help you develop the ability to deliver persuasive arguments and interpret complex legal documents, and you have the perfect preparation for a career in the legal profession.

As an English Studies major in the Pre-Law Track, you'll study the history and practice of persuasive communication. As you learn and practice various forms of analysis and argumentation, you'll also become familiar with the relationships among language, cultural power, and interpretation.

Your course of study will include a diverse mix of literature, writing, and persuasion, helping you grow into a reader and critical thinker who can engage effectively in the most complex issues in our global society. 

What You’ll Become

Like all English Studies majors, you'll have the skills to become an active and capable member of the global community and an effective contributor to the multicultural workplace. As an English Studies major in the Pre-law Studies Track, you'll be equipped to perform well on law school admissions essays and examinations.

Some of our Pre-Law students have used their degrees to get into law school; obtain legal internships; and land positions in corrections, paralegal services, and legal office administration.

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Special Features

  • Sigma Tau Delta is the international English Honors Society.
  • Oxford Study Abroad allows students to travel to England and earn college credits.
  • The English Book Club meets to discuss a text all members have chosen (recent texts include Max Brooks’ World War Z and Alan Moore’s Watchmen).
  • New Growth Arts Review is the student-edited publication of short stories, poems, photographs, and art work.
  • The English Undergraduate Conference is held each spring showcasing student presentations in literary criticism and creative writing. Students also present regularly at state-wide conferences.
  • Students in the English Pre-law Studies Track may be interested in adding a minor in Political Science, Criminology, Women’s Studies, Pan-African Studies, Asian Studies, or Latin American Studies.