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English, Writing Studies Track (B.A.)

B.A., English,
Writing Studies Track

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

What You’ll Do

If you love the play of words and what words can do, and want to pursue writing as a career or a way of life, you'll find yourself right at home in the Writing Studies Track, among a community of writers passionate about honing their craft.

The curriculum, which includes elective courses in fiction and poetry as well as technical writing, lets you focus on the writerly side of literature, the side that concerns itself with how writing works, its formal characteristics, and how, by immersing yourself in the language of great stories, poems, and plays, and taking note of its features, you can learn to apply this knowledge to extend your own creative reach. 

As an English Studies major, you'll be encouraged to design your own course of study, beginning with core requirements in literature, language, and, of course, writing.  By pursuing the Writing Studies Track, you'll delve deeper into writing, studying the theory and practice of writing in a variety of genres under the guidance of accomplished faculty ready to help you achieve your creative goals.

As you learn about various approaches to writing tasks for diverse audiences, as well as the nuts and bolts of editing and publishing in traditional and digital environments, you'll refine your skills to create a portfolio of work to use in applying to graduate programs or for professional positions.

What You’ll Become

Like all English Studies majors, you'll become an expert reader, writer, and critical thinker, equipped with the skills and knowledge to become an active and capable member of the global community and an effective contributor to the multicultural workplace, no matter what profession you choose. 

As an English Studies major in the Writing Studies Track, you'll be particularly well prepared for any career that requires professional writing skills, with a deep knowledge of your own creative process and the ability to flexibly apply a sophisticated language skill set to any purpose.

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Special Features

  • Sigma Tau Delta is the international English Honors Society.
  • Oxford Study Abroad allows students to travel to England and earn college credits.
  • The English Book Club meets to discuss a text all members have chosen (recent texts include Max Brooks’ World War Z and Alan Moore’s Watchmen).
  • New Growth Arts Review is the student-edited publication of short stories, poems, photographs, and art work.
  • The English Undergraduate Conference is held each spring showcasing student presentations in literary criticism and creative writing. Students also present regularly at state-wide conferences.
  • Students in the Writing Studies Track may be interested in adding a minor in Journalism.